Getting Started With Dish Network Satellite Service Is Easy

Getting Started With Dish Network Satellite Service is​ Easy
Signing up for​ satellite TV service with Dish TV means joining thousands of​ satisfied customers who enjoy the​ best value, variety of​ programming, and​ customer service .​
To see why Dish Network has so many satisfied customers we need to​ take a​ look at​ all of​ the​ great features that come with a​ subscription to​ this service.
The programming selection with Dish Network simply can't be beat .​
The value oriented DishFamily package has 40 channels including great entertainment from TV Land and​ Hallmark Movie as​ well as​ education from Animal Planet and​ Discovery Kids .​
The entry level America's Top 60 Entertainment Package comes with 60 great channels including Home & Garden TV, the​ ABC Family Channel, Country Music Television, the​ Disney Channel, NASA, Nick at​ Nite, Spike TV, the​ Weather Channel, and​ more .​
America's Top 120 Entertainment package includes everything from America's Top 60, but adds 60 more channels including Cartoon Network, BBC America, MSNBC, Univision, WGN, and​ FX .​
America's Top 180 Entertainment Package includes everything from 60 and​ 120, but brings the​ total up to​ 180 channels with Movie Channel Extra, VH1 Classic, National Geographic, SoapNet, Style, Reality TV, the​ Biography Channel, the​ Golf Channel, 4 Discovery Channels, 8 Encore movie channels, and​ more.
If that still doesn't meet your TV needs you can subscribe to​ Dish Network's America's Everything Pak which is​ essentially America's Top 180 Entertainment Package with the​ addition of​ 4 movie packages: Cinemax, HBO, Showtime Unlimited, and​ the​ Starz Super Pak .​
The Cinemax Package consists of​ 5 Star Max, Action Max, Cinemax (east and​ west), and​ MoreMAX .​
HBO has 8 variations including HB0, HB02, HB0 Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, and​ HBO Signature .​
Showtime Unlimited includes FLIX, the​ Movie Channel Extra, Show Too, and​ 6 varieties of​ Showtime .​
The Starz Super Pak includes Encore and​ 7 variations on Starz.
If you want to​ expand your repertoire of​ programming beyond those in​ English, chances are that DishTV has the​ package for​ you .​
a​ variety of​ Spanish language packages are available including mixtures channels in​ Spanish and​ English .​
Great Wall TV can bring you programming in​ Chinese .​
DishTV Programming is​ also available in​ a​ variety of​ other languages including Japanese, Polish, Arabic Korean, Armenian, French, German, Hebrew, and​ others.
Dish TV also provides the​ technology you need to​ enjoy all of​ this great programming .​
Each Dish Network satellite receiver comes with an​ Electronic Program Guide which shows you what's on television up to​ 9 days in​ the​ future (depending on the​ model) .​
It gives you plot information, rating, and​ year made .​
It can also let you set up lists of​ your favorite channels so you can find what you want to​ watch fast without going through all of​ the​ channels that other people in​ your household with different tastes also like to​ watch .​
The Electronic Program Guide also lets you control what kinds of​ programming your children have access to​ with parental control locks that can block out programming based on MPAA rating, individual program, or​ even entire channel.
Dish Network can also help you build a​ more extensive home theater system to​ let you get the​ most out of​ your TV experience .​
Digital Video Recording lets you record all of​ your favorite programs to​ watch at​ your leisure without video tapes and​ the​ complicated programming hassles of​ the​ now obsolete VCR .​
DishTV can also provide you with HDTV equipment and​ programming so you can have the​ future of​ television in​ your home now.
This is​ the​ end of​ your search for​ the​ best home entertainment .​
With great programming choices and​ the​ most advanced technology, there's never been a​ better time to​ sign up for​ Dish TV .​
Start now!
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