Getting Published Tips For Young Writers

The task of​ getting published is​ one of​ the daunting aspects of​ writing. This can be difficult, if​ you want to​ get published by a​ traditional publishing house. It's not as​ difficult if​ you want to​ self-publish. in​ this article I will share with you the steps involved in​ getting your work published either traditionally or​ through self-publishing.

Mainstream publishers are often reluctant to​ accept work from young writers as​ anyone under 18 cannot sign a​ contract on their own and will require parental involvement. That is​ not to​ say you cannot submit to​ them but make sure your work is​ of​ high quality as​ you will be competing with adult writers. There are also several publishers that cater specifically to​ young writers, for a​ list of​ these, check out the book THE YOUNG WRITER'S GUIDE to​ GETTING PUBLISHED. There are also several sites on the web that accept work from young writers such as​ and Merlyn's pen. Make sure you edit your work thoroughly and follow the submission guidelines for publishers carefully. Some publishers prefer that you send a​ query letter only at​ first describing your project. The query letter should be only one page long. if​ it​ is​ longer than that a​ busy editor will likely just throw it​ to​ one side. Think of​ the back cover summary you see on most books you buy, try to​ summarize what your book is​ about in​ a​ few words. This can be difficult but it​ must be done and done in​ a​ way that grabs an​ editor's attention. Some publishers will allow you to​ submit a​ query letter and a​ few chapters of​ your work or​ your entire book. it​ is​ important that you use the correct font, you can't go wrong with courier new 12 pt and a​ double spaced manuscript. The query letter can use the same font but there is​ no need to​ double space it.

Let's now take a​ look at​ self publishing. Self publishing has become quite easy with the advent of​ self publishers like Lulu. at​ you can publish your work for free. However lulu does take a​ small commission of​ anything you sell. Lulu also sells ISBN's for around $100 U.S. dollars. an​ ISBN will make your book available for international sale. it​ will become available to​ places like, Barnes and Noble and hundreds of​ other distributors worldwide. When you self publish you set your own price and your age never becomes a​ factor as​ it​ will be with some traditional publishers. if​ you decide to​ self publish everything falls into your hands, from editing to​ formatting. Lulu provides several services for these publishing details, however the costs can add up for young writers. The good news is​ that with patience and determination you can do it​ yourself. Lulu provides templates for formatting your book. if​ you can find a​ teacher, friend or​ parent to​ help you with editing you are well on your way without breaking the bank. Lulu makes making your book cover as​ easy as​ possible although you are responsible for finding your own image if​ you do not wish to​ use their images.

Finally, there is​ nothing like seeing your work in​ print and the opportunities for young writers are greater than ever.

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