Getting Paid By The Casinos To Play

Getting Paid By The Casinos To Play

Getting Paid By the​ Casinos to​ Play
Here are some simple steps on​ how to​ get the​ freebies casinos offer their players.
The forward approach will work well in​ this situation .​
This is​ where you call the​ casinos and ask them what they will offer you to​ come to​ their casino to​ do some gambling .​
In most cases the​ casinos may offer you some free meals and maybe even a​ show .​
If you call and tell them you are bringing a​ group of​ people to​ their casinos they may even go as​ far as​ to​ give you a​ suite for yourself and give a​ break on​ the​ other rooms for your trip.
A variation of​ the​ forward approach is​ to​ call a​ casino and get them to​ give you a​ comp then call all the​ other casinos and see if​ they will match or​ beat the​ other casinos offer .​
If you can convince them you are worth them bringing you to​ their casino they may just try to​ outbid the​ previous casino,​ and if​ they really want you they may pick you up from your home or​ the​ airport depending on​ where you live in​ a​ limo and convince them you are a​ high roller in​ the​ casinos and they will send a​ private jet for you,​ but that is​ usually reserved for people who have won at​ least $50,​000 from that casino or​ more.
If you just show up at​ a​ casino to​ play the​ table games it​ is​ also simple to​ get them to​ give you a​ free room for the​ night,​ especially if​ you are winning .​
If you come to​ the​ casino and win some of​ their money they will most likely just offer you a​ room for the​ night .​
They do this in​ the​ hopes you will continue to​ play and not only lose your winnings but all the​ money you brought with you as​ well.
You can get comps without ever spending a​ dime in​ the​ casino,​ but you have to​ have a​ few grand with you at​ the​ time you arrive at​ the​ casino .​
Bring a​ briefcase with $10,​000 in​ cash in​ it .​
Before you get to​ the​ casino call them and ask them if​ they can place your cash in​ their vault for safe keeping .​
Chances are good they will offer you a​ free room and some other comps when you arrive so that you can spend all your money in​ the​ casino .​
as​ a​ matter of​ fact most casinos will not ask to​ verify the​ money,​ so you can just bring in​ the​ case and they will assume its full of​ money and think you are what the​ casinos refer to​ as​ a​ whale this term means high roller,​ or​ someone who drops lots of​ cash in​ the​ casinos.
When ever talking to​ the​ casinos you need to​ give off the​ vibes that you are wealthy and will drop some serious cash if​ the​ casinos make it​ worth it​ to​ you .​
This is​ not easy to​ do but with some time and practice you will be able to​ walk into any casino and they will lavish the​ freebies on​ you.

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