Getting Great Photo Prints From Your Digital Camera

Getting Great Photo Prints From Your Digital Camera

Getting Great Photo Prints From Your Digital Camera
The first step to​ getting great digital photo prints, is​ to​ make sure you use a​ good quality digital camera.
Digital photos are gaining popularity over traditional film photos because of​ the​ features and​ convenience associated with the​ newer technology .​
In some cases it's even more cost effective to​ print your own photos at​ home instead of​ taking them to​ a​ developer or​ sending them in .​

Here are some words of​ wisdom for​ making great digital photo prints at​ home.
There are really 4 key components to​ a​ great printed photo: Image, Printer, Ink, Paper .​
Each is​ part interrelated therefore equally important for​ success .​

The image is​ the​ starting point for​ a​ good photo .​
There are many different camera models out there, but in​ general, you will need at​ least 3.2 megapixel picture taking ability .​
Some snazzy digital SLR cameras have 8 megapixels or​ more .​
the​ camera should always be set to​ the​ highest resolution while taking the​ shots just in​ case you want to​ make enlargements later on .​

Image transfer is​ crucial! Do not just throw the​ highest pixel image at​ some paper, you may not be happy with the​ results .​

Sometimes, too high of​ a​ pixel count will create unsightly jagged color transitions in​ your photo and​ waste a​ lot of​ your ink and​ time .​
Too few pixels and​ the​ photos will turn out very grainy .​
It's usually best to​ stay within the​ 200-300 pixels per inch range.
This chart may help you determine your appropriate photo sizes.
Print Size : Good Results (200 ppi) : Excellent Results (300 ppi)
4x6 inch .. .​
800 by 1200 px (~1 mpx) .... .​
1200 by 1800 px (~2 mpx)
5x7 inch .. .​
1000 by 1400 px (~1.5 mpx) . .​
1500 by 2100 px (~3 mpx)
8x10 inch . .​
1600 by 2000 px (~3 mpx) ... .​
2400 by 3000 px (~7 mpx)
11x14 inch .​
2200 by 2800 px (~6 mpx) ... .​
3300 by 4200 px (~14 mpx)
16x20 inch .​
3200 by 4000 px (~13 mpx) .. .​
4800 by 6000 px (~29 mpx)
px = Pixels
mpx = Megapixels
ppi = Pixels per inch
(data compiled from PC
For example, if​ you had a​ picture taken with a​ 1.5 Megapixel digital camera, a​ 5x7 inch print is​ probably the​ largest size print that would work .​
Anything larger than a​ 5x7, may not look good .​

However, if​ you had a​ picture taken with a​ 14 Megapixel camera, you should be able to​ print out a​ 11x14 inch print with excellent results (300ppi), or​ a​ good looking 16x20 inch print at​ 200 ppi.
In addition to​ the​ digital camera image, there are a​ few other components that go into making good quality digital photos you'll want to​ be aware of: Your printer, the​ ink cartridges you use, and​ the​ quality of​ the​ photo paper you use .​
Each component factors into your end result.

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