Getting Enough Sleep Is The Perfect Solution For Muscle Fatigue

Getting Enough Sleep Is The Perfect Solution For Muscle Fatigue

BETTINA WALKER of​ SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA,works as​ child social worker. She loves every minute of​ her work as​ she knows it​ is​ very worthwhile endeavor as​ providing assistance to​ improve the social and psychological functioning of​ the children. Although, the work she does assisting single parents, finding foster homes for the abandoned/abused children and arranging adoptions. Nevertheless, it​ proves to​ be a​ tiring task. it​ left her emotionally drained and physically spent because she was so dedicated to​ her work that she extended long hours at​ the office. Her hard work, however, eventually resulted in​ excessive fatigue.

There are moments in​ Bettina's life when she doesn't enjoy waking up to​ welcome the new day. “On a​ deeper level, my mind and body don't agree. I have to​ fight with every once of​ my energy just to​ get out of​ bed.”

Like most most women, Bettina is​ a​ victim of​ burn-out or​ fatigue. The most common reason that women struggle to​ get up in​ the morning is​ that they are not getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep leads to​ being sluggish or​ feeling weak along with muscle pain.

If you don't want to​ experience the same problems encountered by Bettina, it​ may be good to​ consider the following tips:

1. Get a​ good pillow- a​ pillow plays a​ big part in​ making sure you get a​ good night's sleep. an​ unsupported pillow can put your spine out line and cause neck and cervical pain. Start investing in​ a​ hypoallergenic Insuloft Down Fill Pillow. Splurge on a​ quality pillow and see the difference.

2. Lower the thermostat -A cooler environment can give you more a​ restful sleep than a​ toasty temperature that promote drowsiness. Turn your thermostat to​ the mid-60's before you turn in.

3. Reset your internal clock -You may want to​ try getting up very early then the time that you were already accustomed too. if​ you're struggling to​ achieved consciousness when the alarm goes on you might be in​ the toughest time to​ get going. By moving up your bedtime and by setting your alarm clock back, you might be awakened from a​ lighter stage of​ sleep.

4. Do yoga- Before getting to​ bed. Try some simple yoga. It's the most relaxing way to​ bring your energy level up.

5. A good warm shower - Hit the showers or​ take a​ dip on the bath tub and sprinkle it​ with a​ few drops of​ citrus or​ eucalyptus oil. Aromatherapy have been proven to​ be soothing and calming way. Getting a​ good shower before bedtime will give you more a​ heavenly restful sleep.

6. Ease up on your caffeine intake- Too much coffee, nicotine, and alcohol can disrupt your sleep. These are stimulants that interfere with your ability to​ fall asleep.

Getting the sleep you need goes beyond having comfortable blankets and fluffy huggable pillows. an​ adult should get at​ least 7 to​ 8 hours of​ quality sleep. a​ blissful sleep helps you repair your body cells, tone up your muscles, and strengthen bones and muscle mass. it​ improves mood, memory and an​ overall sense of​ wellness, a​ restful sleep can restore and replenish your body. So no matter how demanding your workload is, if​ you get enough rest, you can surely beat the stress and get a​ good night's sleep.

Getting Enough Sleep Is The Perfect Solution For Muscle Fatigue

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