Getting Baby To Sleep At Night

Getting Baby To Sleep At Night

Does your baby sleep through the day, and keep you up at​ night? This has been the cry of​ mothers and fathers heard round the world for centuries.

A newborn baby will sleep from 16 to​ 20 hours per day. Unfortunately, this sleeping time is​ usually broken up into 2-4 hour periods. The key is​ to​ get your baby into a​ routine sleeping schedule. This type of​ consistency will allow you ample time for household chores, a​ good night's rest, and time in​ general just for you...( because we know that all moms need some of​ that.)

You may just be one tweak away from a​ good night's rest. Here are some simple steps to​ follow to​ get your baby into a​ routine sleeping pattern.

The key to​ getting a​ baby to​ sleep consistently is​ by keeping bedtime rituals. a​ baby should not be rocked to​ sleep one night while being left to​ cry themselves to​ sleep another. Consistency is​ the key to​ forming a​ healthy sleeping pattern.

A quiet and dark room is​ one of​ the most optimal sleeping environments. Something as​ simple as​ a​ dishwasher or​ dryer can interrupt your baby's sleeping schedule on any given night. Therefore, you'll want your baby to​ be in​ a​ room that is​ away from noises.

Pre-bedtime rituals prepare your baby for sleeping. These should be activities that are not overstimulating. Some possibilities include rocking the baby to​ sleep or​ singing lullabies.

Create a​ comfortable room temperature... not to​ exceed 75 degrees. a​ comfortable room temperature will help your child comfortably sleep through the night without waking.

Nevertheless, your baby is​ sure to​ cry at​ some point. Many parents use a​ method known as​ controlled crying that has been found to​ be successful in​ many cases. if​ your baby starts crying, leave him for five minutes before soothing him. Remain only long enough to​ pat his back and say a​ few kind words. Do not pick him up out of​ his cot. Always speak reassuringly when you go in. By waiting 5 to​ 10 minutes, your baby will learn that crying will not help and your reassuring voice will help your baby feel secure.

You'll find that most babies begin sleeping through the night by 9 months. Like all things, soon this too shall pass.

Getting Baby To Sleep At Night

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