Getting Attention Through Proper Web Design

Getting Attention Through Proper Web Design

When web designing a​ page, it​ is​ important for​ every web design company and​ for​ every web designer to​ attract attention to​ the​ most important events, items and​ contents in​ the​ site you are making in​ behalf of​ a​ client. Fortunately, there are various ways by which you can attract the​ attention of​ online users. Most web site designers will find it​ effective to​ simply change the​ font size of​ the​ content headline. Setting the​ font size reasonably bigger is​ a​ sure-fire yet simple way to​ draw in​ attention. Newspaper and​ media companies will know this for​ sure. a​ good and​ experienced web design company should know this as​ well.

Grabbing Attention through Typography

Using typography or​ varying font and​ font sizes to​ get the​ attention of​ online users is​ not really a​ new concept. However, before you go on and​ set your titles or​ headlines to​ 48px or​ even larger, you should know a​ few rules on typography that are best generally followed by a​ web design company. Here are some of​ them:

Web design tip #1: Highlight only what is​ important. Before setting a​ headline to​ a​ much bigger font, you should ask yourself: is​ this particular part really that important? if​ you are announcing a​ 20% off sale on regular cosmetics, for​ example, this will surely arouse interest but making your font unreasonably huge will likely to​ turn your customers off. and​ this is​ something that you and​ your web design company should avoid at​ all times.

Web design tip #2: Consider the​ standard font size you use for​ the​ rest of​ the​ page. This is​ just plain common sense: if​ you type everything at​ 24pt, then creating a​ 30pt subject headline might not look all that different. However, a​ 16pt headline written on top of​ an​ 8pt text will look huge.

Web design tip #3: Set standards on the​ use of​ font sizes. You should have already decided with your client as​ to​ the​ type of​ events that should merit an​ increase in​ the​ title font size, and​ up to​ what extent it​ should be. You and​ your web design company will benefit from this. Once you have laid out the​ plan, even if​ your client comes running back to​ you and​ starts pleading you to​ announce the​ recent cosmetic sale at​ 54pt, you should strictly follow the​ standard pre-determined size for​ the​ particular level of​ content.

Remember though that changing the​ font size is​ not the​ only way that you can modify your web design to​ get as​ much attention. Playing around with your font will also prove useful. You can for​ example, use different fonts of​ the​ same family to​ highlight important events (using Sans-Serif and​ switching to​ Serif for​ added emphasis). You can also modify the​ color to​ instantaneously grab your viewers' attention. Similarly, you can change the​ weight and​ the​ style of​ your font by using the​ bold or​ italicized option to​ make certain parts of​ your site stand out.

Grabbing the​ attention of​ your online users is​ not just limited to​ fonts. There are still other ways to​ change your site's web design so that it​ gets the​ attention it​ deserves. Here are some of​ them:

Web design tip #4: Use images. Graphics and​ images have always been effective at​ catching attention. a​ picture says a​ thousand words, as​ they say.

Web design tip #5: Change your layout. Completely changing your layout is​ a​ very exciting way to​ get attention, for​ as​ long as​ you come up with an​ interesting new one.

Web design tip #6: Use animations. Flat images tend to​ attract attention. However, these days, your web design company may have to​ ask you to​ come up with animation-based splash page to​ show off the​ kind of​ pages you come up with. They generally make your site look more dynamic and​ interesting to​ the​ eyes of​ your visitors. Be careful though, as​ you will need to​ think about site loading times beyond the​ web design stage.

Catching the​ attention of​ online visitors may prove relatively easy to​ do as​ stated above. However, it​ is​ just as​ easy to​ go way overboard with these attention grabbing techniques. You have to​ remember that if​ each and​ every line in​ your page is​ set in​ red or​ bold face and​ has blinking effects; nothing in​ the​ content will stand out after ll. Also, if​ you announce your 20% off on cosmetic site at​ the​ same intensity as​ an​ ongoing war, your online visitors will surely notice how strange, business-centered or​ unrealistic your site seems to​ be. They will learn to​ quickly ignore all the​ designs you make and​ look for​ another site that is​ more even-handed - much to​ the​ frustration of​ your web design company.

Getting Attention Through Proper Web Design

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