Get Yourself Reliable Web Hosting Service

Get Yourself Reliable Web Hosting Service

Unsatisfied with free web hosting services provided by Geocities, Angelfire, and​ Fortune City? Easily forgotten long domain name full of​ dashes and​ slashes which will fail the​ Radio Test, Pop-ups, banners making your life miserable! You start looking for​ a​ real professional hosting service for​ your beloved website. You start searching over the​ Net. Suddenly the​ possibilities are immense! $20 a​ month and​ 20MB space. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Is it?? Read on. Way back, when I was a​ real novice, when I was amongst that typical “The Internet is​ so wonderful” optimist, I signed up with a​ paid web hosting service provider. I thought I found the​ perfect solution. I was provided a​ chunk of​ webspace, a​ web address and​ content for​ my site. But before I could even realize what’s going on, I found out that the​ space was a​ useless chunk which won’t work properly, the​ address wouldn’t connect, the​ contents warped and​ too much downtime.

Wiser I grew as​ an​ year passed, I labored my way up to​ get a​ working website, having a​ helpful lovely support team. I knew what I wanted for​ my website. How did I achieve it? I had the​ advantage having a​ lot of​ wonderful friends who are working for​ several web hosting companis. But what about you? You see a​ world of​ opportunity waiting to​ be tapped and​ just dive-in into the​ vicious circle of​ money loss and​ disappointment!

I don’t seek to​ be the​ angel of​ all odds, but I thought some useful tips and​ hints on how to​ get started in​ the​ web might help the​ ignorant and​ also save you from the​ misfortune. So what is​ it? I don’t want to​ repeat the​ “Know what you want” statement because that’s too clichéd and​ not that simple to​ handle when it​ comes to​ the​ real thing. Sure you have a​ vague idea of​ what you want but what about the​ fine prints in​ all that, the​ “mumbo jumbo”, so to​ speak?

I don’t think you do! So relax, sit back and​ before you go jumping off to​ the​ last line, just read a​ bit.

MB of​ Space
What’s an​ MB? MB stands for​ MegaByte. Basically this is​ the​ storage place allotted to​ you. Before buying the​ space, spend a​ little time in​ thinking about your website’s requirements. Calculate approximately how much you require and​ then add another 50. Excess space will help you to​ add and​ alter and​ expand in​ the​ future. Always better to​ have too much in​ the​ bag than too little, isn’t it? Remember audio and​ video files need a​ lot of​ space.

Pricing (Monthly/Yearly)
The payment options are either monthly or​ yearly. Believe me it​ is​ wiser “test the​ water” first by starting with the​ monthly plan. Don’t be tempted by all the​ marketing talks about discounted rates for​ longer period of​ time and​ pay for​ the​ year (or more) at​ one go!

Domain Name Registration
What’s a​ Domain Name? It’s basically the​ This Domain name has to​ be registered so that no one else can use it. Most web hosts would provide domain registration as​ a​ package. if​ you already own a​ domain name then you surely have to​ transfer to​ the​ new host. Ensure that the​ host provides this service. Also ask for​ directions on how to​ do it​ yourself. if​ you don’t have a​ name already, then ponder for​ a​ moment and​ think how many names you would need. Will one be enough? No extra names to​ be attached to​ sub-domains? Do you need redirects?

While selecting the​ suitable domain name for​ your website, make sure that it​ is​ relevant to​ what your site would feature. it​ should not be that you talk about “woodworking” while your website name is​ “”. That’s very embarrassing!!

Email Accounts
There are quite a​ few options here.
Mail Servers: You think you would be getting substantial amount of​ mail through your website, then opt for​ a​ mail server. it​ is​ basically an​ actual online site, like, where you have your personal mail box. an​ email address like would be more professional unlike those free email addresses like

Mailing Lists: Do you want to​ promote your site through newsletters, promotional informations, sending emails to​ lot of​ people, then you might look for​ this mailing list option. However, lists are not always a​ “must-have” service option for​ the​ hosting company.

Mail Catch all: This service executes what the​ name suggests. it​ collects emails which have wrongly typed names (typo), wrong names etc but have your domain written properly in​ the​ email ID, like

Mail Redirects: if​ you want the​ emails, to​ be redirected from your email ID to​ another mail box e.g. to​ your hotmail account, then avail off this service.
There are many other options you might choose for​ your page. Like having multimedia, Front Page Support, Access/Database support, cgi bin, custom 404 error pages, search engine submissions etc. Think and​ make a​ list of​ your website’s requirements.

But before you initiate anything, send an​ email to​ the​ support team of​ the​ web hosting service provider, asking them whether they provide the​ services you require. Try to​ be polite and​ friendly and​ point to​ your specific requirements. Assess their feedback and​ response time, whether they are prompt or​ slow. This would give you a​ good indication of​ what kind of​ support you would get in​ the​ future.

Basically, the​ crux of​ the​ matter is​ that you think before you spend. Countless victims are there to​ tell their tale of​ woes and​ frustrations. I’m one of​ the​ one but I had grown wiser. Don’t be fooled by sweet talking marketing guys whop would spare no efforts to​ promise you everything. Are you sure they can deliver?

Get Yourself Reliable Web Hosting Service

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