Get Your Suspect With Body Worn Cameras

Get Your Suspect With Body Worn Cameras

You are a​ private investigator, or​ a​ member of​ a​ drug task force or​ just about any type of​ vice cop. You need to​ use body worn cameras for​ your covert operations, and​ you need to​ do it​ without it​ being detected. How can you do it? One way is​ by using a​ covert hat video camera. the​ camera is​ placed inside a​ traditional baseball cap, and​ the​ cable is​ attached directly a​ DVR that is​ worn elsewhere on your body. Nothing could be simpler, case closed.

Want to​ get even sneakier? is​ a​ baseball cap to​ conspicuous when you’re wearing that dapper suit you need to​ wear? Then a​ super, hi-resolution, color button camera with suit button lens cover is​ just the​ ticket for​ you, and​ they are great to​ use with pocket DVRs. But suits aren’t the​ only thing you can use these handy little devices on. They also come with cuff button lens covers and​ shirt button lens covers so you don’t have to​ worry if​ it​ is​ a​ hot day and​ you have taken off your suit jacket or​ sports coat. Your shirt has you covered.

But what about those female investigators, they need to​ have some options available to​ them, too. Well, there are body worn cameras that come inside an​ attractive purse, which makes it​ one of​ the​ best portable recording devices around, because like your regular purse, it​ goes anywhere you go, and​ the​ mini-DVR can even be concealed inside it.

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