Get Your Dog To Stop Whining

Get Your Dog To Stop Whining

Dear Mr. Katz

We have a​ 15-16 month old German Shorthaired Pointer named Copper. She is​ pretty well obedience trained (if a​ dog can be that). We have used a​ pinch collar and an​ electronic collar for her training. the​ one thing we would like to​ solve is​ her whining. I would like to​ find out what we could do to​ eliminate it. When we corrected her in​ the​ past for whining she'll stop for a​ few seconds,​ but then start right back up again. My first instinct is​ to​ continue to​ correct until she stops,​ but I wanted to​ get your opinion on​ the​ topic first.

Thank You,​

Dear Mark,​

This tends to​ be a​ genetically motivated behavior. That is,​ we see some breeds that do it​ more than others.

In any event,​ it's unlikely that using a​ leash or​ e-collar correction will work for this behavior,​ or​ you'd have already seen results. (Note: it​ does work on​ some dogs if​ applied consistently).

Here's what you'll need to​ do:

1. Recognize that it's an​ anxiety-based behavior. the​ anxiety is​ usually the​ result of​ your dog not being able to​ contain her excitement for getting involved with the​ situation around her. For example,​ if​ the​ dog is​ made to​ hold a​ down-stay,​ but she sees another dog playing with a​ ball in​ the​ distance. This is​ when your dog will start whining.

2. PAY ATTENTION: Most owners will release their dog from the​ down-stay at​ this point,​ thus rewarding their dog for whining. Instead,​ wait until the​ dog is​ quiet for at​ least FIVE seconds before releasing the​ dog.

3. it​ is​ your job to​ convince the​ dog that: the​ longer she stays silent,​ the​ more likely it​ is​ that she will be rewarded with the​ ball/food/play/praise or​ whatever you're using as​ a​ motivator.

4. Be sure to​ NEVER reward the​ whining. Even though it​ may be a​ hassle in​ the​ beginning.

5. Recognize that you​ may never completely eliminate whining,​ but you​ should be able to​ minimize it​ to​ the​ point where it​ is​ no longer an​ annoyance.

That's all for now,​ folks!

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