Get To Sleep Tonight

I used to​ have problems sleeping. I was always tired and if​ I accidentally dropped off during the day for so much as​ five minutes I wouldn’t be able to​ sleep the following night. Then a​ friend told me a​ trick he used to​ use and I adapted it​ slightly. Since then I have always been able to​ use this technique to​ get to​ sleep.

To start with, think about your breathing. Keep it​ regular and slow. as​ you breath in​ think to​ yourself “sea” and as​ you breathe out think “shore”. Get a​ rhythm going. While you’re doing this imagine you’re standing at​ the edge of​ the sea looking down at​ your feet. as​ you breathe in​ and think “sea” imagine the small waves running over your feet as​ a​ small wave breaks and then, as​ you breathe out and think “shore” imagine the water retreating back to​ the sea. See the water as​ it​ goes back towards the sea and see the sand that is​ left behind. Feel that your feet are now on their own little mounds of​ sand as​ the sea has washed the surrounding sand away. Repeat.

Now, if​ you’re like me you’ll be thinking of​ a​ hundred other things at​ the same time. Maybe trying to​ work out what’s for tea, how to​ pay off your loan, you’ve just remembered the kids need a​ packed lunch for school the next day, mentally writing a​ presentation. Perhaps you’ve just finished work, it’s late and you haven’t had time to​ wind down properly so your head is​ swimming with figures. Whatever it​ is​ you need to​ concentrate. That might sound silly – having to​ concentrate to​ get to​ sleep. The natural reaction is​ to​ try and relax but if​ you relax all the worries come flooding back and make you more anxious. You need to​ concentrate on just two words.

It doesn’t matter if​ you can’t keep your breathing regular. What matters is​ that you say “sea” and “shore” to​ yourself as​ you breathe in​ and out. Really concentrate. Think the words as​ loudly as​ you can to​ drown out all the other stuff that keeps coming back to​ you. Also try to​ see the little waves lapping at​ your feet and then the sand as​ they go back out again. Concentrate as​ hard as​ you can on keeping the breathing, the words and the pictures all together. Don’t try to​ add anything else. Don’t try to​ count how many times you do this before you drop off. Just keep with the breathing, saying and seeing. it​ should soon settle into a​ rhythm but you might not notice. You’ll probably be asleep.

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