Get Results By Not Making These Web Design Mistakes

Get Results By Not Making These Web Design Mistakes

Three Common Mistakes When Designing a​ Web Site

I like to​ compare our society to​ the​ Mazda’s ‘Zoom Zoom’ slogan. Everyone today is​ just zoom zooming all over the​ place. So, who wants to​ read your long drawn out explanation of​ well…anything? or​ scroll left to​ right? or​ even read out of​ date material? No one. Described below are reasons why and​ solutions to​ the​ problem.

Yes, You Can Have to​ Much Information

When creating your site keep it​ simple. No need for​ paragraph after paragraph, simple short sentences will do just fine. Use creative eye catchers such as:

• Customized bullets make things easy to​ read, reduce space and​ draw attention
• Numbers (1, 2, 3) do too, they lead the​ reader to​ what they want to​ know

Our zoom zoom society wants their information quick and​ easy. Lists with subheadings are extremely popular, as​ well as​ links to​ another page explaining a​ topic. Even if​ it​ explains something minor it​ stands alone, is​ easy to​ access, and​ quick to​ read. This keeps the​ scroll bar longer and​ the​ page shorter. the​ viewer’s eye easily gets lost in​ all that information and​ no one wants to​ scroll forever.

Click, Click is​ easier and​ less frustrating than skimming.

Pictures, video’s and​ other graphics distract when they are everywhere. They draw attention away, not too. Highlight what is​ important with a​ graphic. if​ that is​ simply your logo on every page that surely is​ enough.

Yes, Horizontal Scrolling is​ Bad

Standard Web pages usually for​ Dreamweaver default are 600 (h) x 480 (w) or​ 640 (h) x 480 (w) and​ Flash defaults are 1024 (h) x 768 (w) or​ 550 (h) x 400 (w). These are measured in​ pixels, the​ unit of​ measure used for​ the​ screen. When staying inside these lines you eliminate horizontal scrolling. Website viewers already scroll vertically and​ don’t want to​ scroll horizontally. Again in​ our zoom zoom society that just wastes time.

If you have horizontal scrolling it​ is​ guaranteed that less than half of​ your viewers are choosing not to​ scroll over. So stay inside the​ lines.

Yes, Your Site Can Go Out of​ Date

Have you ever seen a​ Website that says, Last Updated: January 2018? or​ How about, Last Updated: January 2004? You’ve probably seen something similar. in​ the​ Web world outdated means three to​ five months. Updates are important because they prove to​ your viewers that you care about their interest. Keep their interest by maintaining and​ updating your site. Don’t get carried away not everything standard has to​ be updated, but a​ few minor additions or​ deletions are always good.

These three features gone wrong can discourage viewers and​ down ratings. if​ you have too much information, horizontal scrolling and​ / or​ out of​ date information you can fix it​ in​ a​ flash. You can also simply avoid them completely.

Get Results By Not Making These Web Design Mistakes

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