Get Organized And Earn More Money

Get Organized And Earn More Money

Trying to​ juggle work and​ family in​ one space can be overwhelming. There never seem to​ be enough hours in​ the​ day to​ complete everything that needs to​ be done. One debilitating result of​ a​ busy environment is​ clutter.

Cluttered surroundings affect us deeply, both mentally and​ physically. When we're surrounded by disorder, we feel confused, drained, exhausted, and​ overwhelmed. We feel like we've got an​ avalanche hanging over our heads, ready to​ start the​ deadly slide at​ any moment. Who can work effectively in​ surroundings like these? Yet most of​ us do it​ day after day and​ wonder why we're not as​ productive and​ efficient as​ we know we could be.

Neatness and​ organization seem to​ get pushed to​ the​ back of​ the​ list when we know we have more important things to​ do. Most of​ us are busy caring for​ the​ children and/or spouse, working on our jobs/businesses, running endless errands, and​ keeping up with recreational activities for​ the​ kids, spouse and​ ourselves. Who has time to​ organize?

However, tidiness is​ one thing that many of​ us can do RIGHT NOW to​ boost our business efforts. if​ I told you that keeping your workspace neat would virtually guarantee you a​ pay raise, would you be interested?

Cluttered surroundings dampen our enthusiasm, creativity and​ energy. Clearing away the​ clutter creates a​ harmonious atmosphere, so we feel energetic, happy, and​ peaceful - and​ therefore we are able to​ think more clearly, and​ get more done. Which, in​ most businesses and​ jobs, will equal more income (whether short term or​ long term).

Once most of​ us understand this, we go on a​ mission of​ organization. We clean, we fill trash bags with junk, we sweep, vacuum, and​ dust. Finally, we have a​ beautiful, clean desk! How long does that last? if​ you are like most of​ us, not too long. in​ no time at​ all, you've got piles of​ paper that need to​ be filed again, to-do lists, idea files and​ more, all balancing precariously near the​ edge of​ the​ desk. You've got sticky notes tacked up all over your monitor, cork board, printer (and even your forehead, if​ you're particularly forgetful). What happened to​ our mission of​ organization? How did the​ clutter creep back in​ so quickly?

What most of​ us fail to​ understand is​ that clutter does not exist solely OUTSIDE of​ us. Our outer clutter is​ simply an​ extension of​ the​ inner confusion and​ chaos of​ our own minds. We feel overwhelmed, busy, stressed and​ rushed, so we don't have time to​ focus on the​ "little details" of​ our lives. as​ our jumbled desks can testify, those little details add up to​ a​ lot when they are neglected for​ any length of​ time!

In order to​ permanently solve the​ clutter issue in​ our lives, we must first tackle the​ "jumbled thought syndrome" of​ our own minds. This is​ not a​ one-time task, however. it​ is​ an​ ongoing one that we must work on every single day. Consistent, small efforts will pay off in​ big ways. Think of​ it​ as​ maintenance, like showering. You wouldn't go a​ whole month without showering, and​ then take 31 showers in​ one day, would you? You need to​ do it​ every day. Tackle your clutter and​ chaos in​ the​ same way.

Here are five tips to​ help you do just that:

1) Use a​ planner/notebook. This doesn't have to​ be an​ expensive, leather-bound organizer unless that's what you like to​ use. a​ lined, 6"x9" spiral bound notebook works just as​ well and​ you won't be afraid to​ mess it​ up with your scribbles. Have a​ "calendar" section, where you designate one page for​ each day's activities. Write down appointments, work assignments, errands, and​ anything that needs to​ be done that day. Also have sections for​ ideas, future projects, goals and​ anything else that fits your business and​ family. This planner serves as​ a​ place to​ organize your ideas and​ tasks so they aren't running rampant through your mind while you're trying to​ be productive.

2) Spend 15-30 minutes DAILY picking up, putting things away, filing paperwork, and​ neatening your workspace. That seems like a​ big challenge when you've got so much to​ do, but small, consistent effort in​ this area will pay big dividends. the​ objective isn't to​ be a​ "neat freak," but rather to​ eliminate clutter and​ create a​ harmonious environment.

3) Beautify your workspace. Do a​ good cleaning once a​ week: vacuum, dust, wipe down your computer monitor, printer and​ the​ surfaces in​ your office. Then light a​ scented candle or​ some sweet-smelling incense to​ enhance the​ peaceful atmosphere. Buy some pretty flowers for​ your desk, or​ some inexpensive watercolor prints to​ hang on the​ walls. Making your workspace beautiful is​ one deterrent to​ being chronically messy.

4) Expect the​ Unexpected. Sometimes no matter how much we plan and​ prepare, things will come up that take us by surprise and​ force us to​ rearrange our whole schedule. When this happens (and it​ WILL), accept it. Do your best. the​ great thing about making consistent efforts to​ be organized is​ that surprises like this are no longer so overwhelming. When we're already overwhelmed, the​ unexpected can be the​ straw that breaks the​ camel's back! But when we're on top of​ things for​ the​ most part, it​ becomes a​ little something we deal with and​ move on.

5) Take time to​ dream and​ think. Remember that clutter and​ chaos are the​ result of​ a​ confused, overwhelmed mind. We need time to​ ourselves to​ just think, be, and​ dream. it​ doesn't have to​ be massive amounts of​ time, but at​ least 30 minutes a​ day. Get up a​ little earlier, or​ stay up a​ little later and​ just sit quietly, alone. Breathe deeply, empty your mind and​ enjoy the​ quiet. Some of​ our best ideas come from moments like these. Keep a​ notebook handy during your quiet time so you can jot down anything you don't want to​ forget.

Understand that organization and​ tidiness are habits, just like chaos and​ clutter. if​ you want to​ change your business results, change your habits. New habits take time to​ fully integrate in​ our lives, but one bright day in​ the​ not-so-far-off future, we'll realize that we're going through the​ motions on autopilot. We did it, we conquered our clutter! Until then, just remember to​ breathe and​ take it​ one step at​ a​ time.

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