Get Inspired To Write With Your Grandfather Clock

Get Inspired To Write With Your Grandfather Clock

You look outside the window and you realize it​ is​ raining. The wind is​ blowing hard against the oak tree out in​ your backyard and the tree dances with the tune of​ the wind. You pour yourself a​ cup of​ coffee and sit behind the desk of​ your study and find yourself staring at​ your grandfather clock, which stands across the room. You cast a​ glance at​ the keyboard of​ the computer in​ front of​ you and your mind wanders off into another place and another time.

Get in​ the Mood for Writing

Many people love to​ write and that is​ not just a​ mere fact. However, to​ write is​ no easy task. You need to​ know what you write and you need to​ feel what you write. Most of​ the time, there are just certain circumstances and moods that draw you to​ start scribbling or​ tapping those keys on the keyboard. Stories can just pop out of​ your head from the things you see everyday, things that when put together with the right setting and mood, could inspire you to​ write.

A grandfather clock exudes an​ aura of​ elegance, grace, and a​ certain ambient mood to​ any room it​ is​ situated in. With a​ grandfather clock and the right literary catalyst, you will find yourself transported in​ a​ world vivid with color and life, a​ world only your imagination can create and bring to​ life.

Give it​ Its History

When you stare at​ an​ object, you sometimes find your imagination starting to​ run wild with questions and small scenarios of​ things that you think relate to​ it, scenarios that you think might have happened well in​ the past that a​ thing had definitely bore witness to. or​ it​ could also bring to​ mind memories that you had buried somewhere in​ your subconscious which only manifests itself when you let your imagination run loose.

Writers often write from memories, experiences of​ others, or​ from things. Many of​ the best writers have written stories about events and people that revolved around a​ certain thing. Nicholas Sparks wrote “Message in​ a​ Bottle” and “The Notebook”, and those two were worldwide bestsellers. There is​ a​ big chance that he was inspired to​ write such stories because he saw a​ story, some kind of​ life behind those ordinary things. Maybe you can do that too with the things that you see in​ your very own home like your grandfather clock.

Maybe the sound of​ the blowing wind and the oak tree dancing outside your window starts the ball rolling. Maybe those inspire you to​ write how your protagonist is, what his or​ her life is​ about, and what brought about this memory. Maybe you, as​ the writer, are looking through your character’s eyes as​ he stares out of​ his window and sees the event unfold before him. Maybe you, as​ you think like your character, remember a​ memory that happened, a​ memory triggered by the weather outside, the wonderful smell of​ steaming hot coffee, and the steady ticking of​ the pendulum in​ the grandfather clock. Maybe the steady ticking allows you to​ start a​ mental pace of​ the story as​ it​ unfolds in​ your head, a​ story that might be your very own bestseller.

Get Inspired To Write With Your Grandfather Clock

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