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MyWebResource is​ a​ site that was initially published to​ list all my favorite webmaster resources. at​ first, it​ was more of​ a​ personal site where I kept all my bookmarks and​ projects I've worked on. Surprisingly, the​ site started getting a​ ton of​ hits. I found that people actually enjoyed browsing a​ site that had usable information about web design that is​ not loaded down with a​ million ads and​ is​ not a​ "free for​ all" link directory.

Seeing this trend inspired me to​ develop MyWebResource further. Several months later, MyWebResource has become a​ terrific resource for​ any webmaster where they can read articles about web design, search engine optimization, web hosting, or​ any other topic related to​ web design. Our directory of​ links has grown leaps and​ bounds. There are now over 300 reputable links in​ our directory that are actually useful! Our downloads section is​ growing too! There are now several free website templates, XOOPS themes and​ XOOPS modules that all are welcome to​ download, free of​ charge.

In the​ hopes of​ increasing the​ terrific momentum that MyWebResource has gained, I'm posting this announcement offering free advertisement to​ all webmasters who publish their content on MyWebResource. It's free, it's easy to​ do, and​ the​ natural links back to​ your site will more than make up for​ the​ five minutes it​ takes to​ post your content.

What we are looking for
We have opened up submission of​ quality web design related articles, links, and​ downloads. All you have to​ do is​ click on the​ appropriate link under "Add a​ Resource", fill out the​ form and​ submit it. One of​ our moderators will review your contribution to​ ensure that it​ is​ of​ good quality and​ will publish it​ as​ soon as​ possible.

How you benefit
By including a​ link to​ your website when publishing articles, links and/or downloads on MyWebResource, you receive natural links to​ your website with no reciprocal link required! as​ we all know, relevant, natural, one-way links are what feeds search engine spiders and​ boosts page rank and​ SERPs (search engine results pages). TIP: To improve the​ benefit of​ listing your content on MyWebResource, include a​ natural link to​ your site in​ the​ text. for​ maximum benefit, turn a​ primary keyword into a​ text link!

How MyWebResource Benefits
By contributing your content, MyWebResource will continue to​ grow as​ a​ noted webmaster resource. a​ personal benefit to​ me is​ that I don't have to​ spend hours looking for​ good information on web design, it​ comes to​ the​ site. This helps everyone by centralizing information and​ making it​ easier to​ research your design projects.

Another issue that effects page rank and​ SERPs is​ content; fresh, relevant content to​ be exact. By keeping the​ content on MyWebResource fresh, it​ helps boost our standings in​ search engines, which in​ turn helps increase the​ value of​ the​ link back to​ your site. as​ you can see, this is​ a​ mutually beneficial arrangement. ;-)

What is​ the​ catch?
There is​ none! MyWebResource doesn't require membership. There are no fees associated with publishing anything on MyWebResource. There are no pop-up advertisements. in​ fact, we have intentionally limited the​ number of​ advertisements on the​ site so as​ not to​ distract from the​ content too much. We only have enough advertisements to​ cover the​ cost of​ keeping MyWebResource online!

So, why are you doing this?
Pure and​ simple, I love web design! I want to​ learn as​ much as​ I possibly can about all aspects of​ web design and​ development and​ I want to​ share that knowledge with like minded people.

So what are you waiting for?! You can start getting free advertisement for​ your site, while contributing to​ a​ rapidly growing resource of​ web design knowledge right now!

I look forward to​ sharing knowledge with you.

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