Get A Degree In Financial Independence Get A Student Visa Credit Card

You carry a​ full load just like your classmates. Unlike your classmates, however, you do not party the night away or​ sleep off the little migraines caused by exams. No matter how tired or​ weary you are, you have to​ trudge to​ a​ convenience store two blocks away, and clock in​ at​ least six hours of​ work. it​ doesn't seem to​ matter how hard you work, though. You can still barely pay for school, and you are still saddled with student loans that only seem to​ balloon with every passing term.

Obviously, whoever said there are many more important things than money has never tried being a​ poor student, juggling work and classes and barely making ends meet. if​ you're one, and you have to​ keep worrying about where money for emergencies will come from, why not get a​ student Visa credit card? Since their creation in​ 1950, credit cards have made purchasing and payment more convenient for the public. Student Visa credit cards give you the same power even if​ you're a​ struggling student on a​ budget.

Introduction to​ Credit
Before you get a​ student Visa credit card, you should know the basics about credit itself. You need good credit when you get loans for homes or​ vehicles, look for a​ job, or​ more importantly, apply for a​ credit card. Your credit record is​ like your shadow: it​ follows you wherever you go. Before getting a​ student Visa credit card, be sure to​ take these steps, to​ help ensure you can maintain a​ clean credit record.

1. Study the credit card agreement.
There won't be a​ quiz afterwards. Still, you should learn the key facts that are listed in​ the agreement. These include annual charges, finance charges, the grace period, and the APR, or​ annual percentage rate. it​ is​ advisable that you find a​ card with a​ lower APR, if​ you intend to​ maintain a​ balance on your credit card account.

2. Pay off your balance before the grace period ends.
Do this to​ avoid finance charges. Think of​ the grace period as​ a​ loan for a​ month. if​ you pay off the loan within a​ month, you won't be charged interest.

3. Memorize your credit limit.
There is​ no excuse for not knowing your credit limit. if​ you exceed the credit limit and are unable to​ pay for it, you could face stiff penalties, fees, and the possibility of​ having your card frozen or​ your account canceled.

Choosing a​ Card for Credit University
Choosing a​ student Visa credit card is​ like choosing a​ college course. You should first gather information and then determine which one is​ best for you. Here are some popular cards that you could choose from.

Bank of​ America Student Visa Platinum: Benefits include no annual fee and no co-signer required.

Chase Platinum Student Visa Card with Flexible Rewards: Benefits include no annual fee, and 0% introductory APR.

Citi Driver’s Edge Visa Card: Benefits include no annual fee; rebate on purchases at​ gas stations, grocery stores and drugstores; and 1% rebate on everything else you purchase.

Wells Fargo College Visa Card: Benefits include no annual fee, low APR percentages, 24-hour customer service, and extra cards at​ no charge.

A student Visa credit card is​ not just a​ safety net in​ case of​ emergency. it​ is​ also an​ opportunity to​ prepare for future financial independence.

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