Get Better Treatment By Online Casinos

Get Better Treatment By Online Casinos

Get better treatment by online casinos
Want to​ get better treatment than the​ next person? You have made a​ wise choice to​ choose your online casino from a​ third party gambling website instead of​ just typing in​ the​ name of​ the​ casino or​ finding it​ through a​ search engine for​ the​ same reason that a​ large business gets a​ discount price on better seats at​ a​ ballgame, or​ for​ the​ same reason a​ celebrity eats and​ drinks free at​ an​ establishment if​ they are willing to​ be cordial towards the​ patrons .​
They bring in​ more business so they are naturally going to​ be treated a​ little better than the​ single person arriving to​ buy a​ ticket at​ the​ gate or​ a​ meal at​ dinner time.
If you've already got them to​ drive to​ the​ place and​ walk up to​ the​ ticket booth with money in​ hand, it​ is​ unlikely they are going to​ turn around and​ leave before paying the​ price to​ enter .​
This is​ not to​ say it​ is​ okay to​ mistreat these customers but rather to​ point out that unscrupulous online casinos seldom have a​ blanket policy of​ cheating every player the​ same .​
Oops!, did I​ say cheating? I​ meant treating every player the​ same .​
The smart ones are very careful about choosing their battles and​ they almost always involve large sums of​ money and​ a​ player who has little or​ no backing and​ a​ guaranteed sad story which may or​ may not be true .​
Since that player joined the​ casino through a​ search engine and​ not a​ portal, there is​ nobody with a​ financial concern the​ player gets treated right past the​ generic outlook of​ third-party gambling websites who are actively on the​ watch for​ casinos not treating players fairly (to remove them from their list) and​ they wouldn't notice said injustice because these situations usually require investigation that can take days worth of​ time .​
If the​ player didn't sign up through a​ third-party gambling website then there isn't anybody with a​ deep enough investment in​ the​ matter to​ warrant spending the​ time to​ find out .​
It remains the​ player's word against the​ casino .​
The player loses in​ the​ eyes of​ the​ majority at​ least until more come forward and​ make the​ same claim.
There just isn't enough time to​ run around investigating every unfounded accusation so gambling portal owners wait for​ a​ trend or​ pattern to​ show and​ then they investigate to​ see if​ they want to​ continue listing the​ casino (or network) in​ question but that seldom helps the​ people who got ripped-off in​ the​ beginning .​
Which as​ mentioned are going to​ be those who arrived without any recourse, because it​ will happen to​ them before it​ happens to​ players arriving from websites that can stop sending any further players at​ any given time.
While it​ is​ true that in​ the​ case of​ casinos it​ is​ paramount they provide excellent customer support and​ treatment at​ all times or​ they will not see that customer again, it​ is​ also true that if​ they lose that customer, all they lose is​ the​ one person .​
In the​ case of​ unscrupulous online casinos that don't like to​ pay out on big money withdrawals, they have no qualms what-so-ever about losing the​ one customer in​ order to​ save not paying out money they know they'd never likely see again, .. .​
this an​ equation these kind of​ places use to​ evaluate based on that player's past proven wagering history at​ that casino, and​ if​ it​ comes back the​ casino would never make its money back any time soon, then these places choose to​ just not pay the​ withdrawal .​
However that all changes if​ that player had joined the​ casino through a​ third-party website that chooses which gaming establishments are listed there and​ which ones are left out.
Even with that customer going around speaking ill of​ the​ casino at​ every possible turn, there is​ no way that one person could ever influence enough peers to​ be more than a​ drop in​ a​ bucket compared to​ how many customers a​ gambling portal represents on a​ consistent basis .​
Therefore if​ you want to​ be treated better than the​ average person, you have already made a​ big step in​ the​ right direction by choosing your online casino from a​ third-party gambling website and​ not just by finding it​ on a​ search engine.

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