Get The Best Web Hosting Dealing With Web Hosting Review Sites And More

Get The Best Web Hosting Dealing With Web Hosting Review Sites And More

Choosing a​ web hosting company can be bewildering. You type 'web hosting' in​ a​ search engine and​ you are presented with literally millions of​ web sites. Some are actual web hosting sites but most are probably 'review' sites and​ other 'best web hosting companies' type of​ listings. There are so many of​ these review / directory sites because many web hosting companies pay a​ commission to​ the​ site owner if​ they get a​ sale from someone coming from that site.

This does not mean that you should disregard review sites. They can be very helpful.

Firstly, there are definitely some genuine review sites out there that are not driven by commission.

Secondly, most (but certainly not all) review site owners do not list companies with bad reputations. Consistently bad web hosting companies quickly get a​ reputation on the​ net among webmasters; and​ nothing makes someone disregard a​ web hosting review site more, than seeing a​ known 'problem' company with a​ high rating. Review site owners need credibility to​ continue making commissions !

Thirdly, web hosting companies that can afford to​ pay high commissions to​ review sites usually must be doing well to​ afford to​ pay those commissions. Cheap web hosting companies; or​ ones that are losing a​ lot of​ customers, typically cannot pay those commissions since they are pretty high due to​ all the​ competition in​ the​ marketplace.

I will explain how simple it​ is​ to​ see if​ a​ web hosting company has a​ good or​ bad reputation among those 'in the​ know':

First, look at​ a​ bunch of​ review sites and​ note down the​ companies which are consistently in​ the​ top 10 and​ offer the​ features you want (that's worthy of​ another article !) and​ are in​ your price range. Then bring up Google or​ any other search engine and​ type in​ the​ name of​ the​ first web hosting provider on your list as​ well as​ the​ word 'forums'. This will bring up any mentions of​ that web hosting company among internet message boards; where unlike review sites, most information is​ just people's honest opinions. You will typically find messages posted on webmaster and​ other specialty sites where the​ users usually know what they are talking about. Although finding positive posts about the​ particular web hosting company you are interested in​ is​ the​ best outcome - its also true that no news is​ good news. if​ people are not posting messages about that web hosting company...then at​ least you know they don't have a​ bad rep. Compared to​ happy customers posting positive messages, people are much more likely to​ post negative messages if​ they are disappointed in​ the​ service they received; since pissed off people like to​ vent !

Read through a​ bunch of​ these messages, and​ you'll get a​ good idea of​ the​ reputation the​ web hosting company has. Do that for​ all the​ companies on your list; and​ you can feel confident that you are in​ a​ position to​ pick a​ web hosting company that really does have a​ good reputation.

Get The Best Web Hosting Dealing With Web Hosting Review Sites And More

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