Get Best Advertiser In Your Side Pocket

Get Best Advertiser In Your Side Pocket

Get Best Advertiser in​ Your Side Pocket!
I have been questioned by many people to​ disclose some of​ the​ greatest traffic generating techniques that I​ know of​ .​
I​ am not to​ immediate to​ reveal them because I​ know the​ majority doesn't even take battle on them .​
All I​ know is​ that they work and​ you should be familiar with this too.
Let's find to​ them!
My first and​ foremost form of​ traffic comes from the​ higher ranked pages .​
My link is​ on web’s most popular sites .​
You should be able to​ be part of​ those famous sites .​
Do not waste your time in​ submitting your link anywhere blindly .​
You must show up your creative work .​
Going for​ link partners just to​ gain a​ few ranks, is​ a​ hard work.
Advertising is​ key factor in​ your web site promotion .​
Let people talk about you, your products, and​ your services .​
You see, people are always on the​ look out for​ good content right? Your site should have really good contents .​
Don’t write Welcome to​ my website or​ Ours is​ a​ World’s first company...blah blah unless and​ until you really have dominating product .​
You sell your products or​ services as​ like others, but you think you must be noticed .​
Your offer should be different to​ attract visitor .​
Your presentation should be mind catching .​
Get aware of​ advertisers online .​
There are few major players around.
• Google Adsense
• Yahoo ad
• Pixel Page sites
You can use either of​ Google Adsense or​ Yahoo ad .​
These two programs run by Google and​ Yahoo respectively that pays you per click .​
You sign up for​ free, paste a​ little bit of​ code on your website and​ every time someone clicks the​ links on your site, you get paid a​ certain amount per click .​
I just launched a​ site and​ placed Google Adsense program at​ the​ right of​ the​ panel .​
I​ also placed my personal site logo attractively on one famous pixel site .​
InnovativePixelPage provider resulted my site some hundreds of​ clicks .​
The result? the​ site went from a​ page rank 0 to​ a​ page rank 4 in​ less than 2 months!
This is​ because you are being noticed online even while you are enjoying your summer holidays! There are some useful tips for​ being top in​ Google Adsense frame.
The real key to​ using this method is​ to​ write good content .​
Make it​ look nice .​
For example, if​ your site is​ about Website traffic your pages should contain exact keyword more time than only traffic word .​
Otherwise Google Adsense will show irrelevant result like Rash hour traffic or​ Traffic jam.
Some clicks are value higher than others depending on the​ keyword that the​ ad is​ targeting .​
What does this mean? Google Adsense are contextual based ads, meaning that they display the​ links for​ people to​ click on based on the​ context of​ your website.
Here are a​ few tips to​ get better earnings with Google Adsense:
1. Don't make your ads look like ads! People are so banner blind now that they'll fly right over your Adsense ads if​ you make them look too much like actual ads .​
By removing the​ background and​ the​ border of​ your ads and​ making them blend in​ with your own site's background, it​ will help your sales enormously!
2. Don't click your own links! It may be tempting to​ earn that potential for​ yourself but in​ the​ long run it's not worth it! Google has ways to​ sense click fraud and​ you will get caught and​ you'll surrender all of​ your earnings thus far.
Another form of​ emerging advertising media is​ Pixel Page Sites .​
Perhaps you should have notices few of​ them .​
Alex, one student founded Pixel Page idea and​ built one website for​ advertising .​
Website owners put their ads on it​ and​ surprisingly they found increased traffic on their sites .​
Foremost, they are fun .​
People stay online for​ hours checking out all of​ the​ cool websites .​
This also creates lots of​ traffic for​ the​ advertiser .​
If your ad is​ really eye-catching, it’s more like that visitor will click on your ads.
There have been many pixel page sites online .​
Not all of​ them are effective .​
95% of​ such sites lack proficiency and​ eventually put down pixel site .​
I​ warn you not to​ get caught by such novice site builder.
Few tips for​ getting best Pixel Site Advertiser or​ Publisher.
1. Investigate enough to​ be satisfied at​ first look .​
First impression is​ the​ last impression!
2. Avoid blind copier .​
People will never visit their web site .​
Even if​ someone visits that site, he or​ she won’t recommend to​ his friends .​
Real PSA site is​ referred most of​ the​ time.
3. Go for​ professional or​ just through out your money.
4. Think different, Go for​ different .​
I recommend some of​ the​ interesting pixel page sites here.

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