Get Affordable Even Free Targeted Advertising In Magazines

Get Affordable Even Free Targeted Advertising In Magazines

Get Affordable--Even Free--Targeted Advertising In Magazines
By now most of​ us have tried just about every advertising method available .​
From ads on Google to​ website banners .​
And even though you may have found an​ advertising method that works, you're probably still looking for​ more.
I'm often surprised by how many home-based business owners and​ opportunity seekers have never thought of​ advertising in​ magazines .​
Magazines are the​ original targeted media .​
While TV shows and​ newspapers may try to​ appeal to​ a​ very wide audience featuring many different kinds of​ people, magazines have always focused their efforts on a​ tightly defined audience.
For example, look through the​ magazine rack the​ next time you're at​ the​ grocery store and​ you will see dozens of​ different magazines focusing on everything from cars, fishing, crafts, home decorating, relationships, and​ business .​
All these magazines cater to​ a​ different audience with different tastes and​ buying habits.
By choosing magazines that focus on your best potential customers, you almost guarantee your ads will be successful .​
It's an​ old rule in​ marketing that getting your ad in​ a​ magazine that intensely appeals to​ your best customers will get you ten times the​ results than advertising in​ a​ famous mass appeal publication like Business Week, Time, or​ Newsweek.
That's right, advertising your home-based business in​ Home Business Magazine will most likely get you far more response than getting your name in​ Newsweek.
And this is​ REALLY good news for​ those of​ us working from home .​
Smaller, more tightly-focused magazines almost always offer very affordable ads, usually in​ the​ back of​ the​ magazine .​
While full and​ half-page ads can cost hundreds or​ thousands, you can advertise in​ the​ back for​ about the​ same cost as​ putting a​ classified ad in​ your local paper .​
Then, as​ very few people know, there are also ways to​ get FREE ads in​ big magazines .​
Either way, it's cheap, targeted, and​ it​ could be your best path to​ new profits.
And don't let that back of​ the​ magazine position discourage you .​
More than half of​ people read magazines from back to​ front .​
Businesses advertising in​ the​ back actually have the​ most visible spot in​ the​ magazine.
The weeks ahead are traditionally a​ time when magazines drop their advertising rates .​
Place your ads NOW to​ take advantage of​ low rates early in​ the​ year which, incidentally, is​ the​ time of​ year when the​ most people are interested in​ joining a​ business opportunity.

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