Geriatric Shoe Shopping

Geriatric Shoe Shopping

It seems the​ older a​ person becomes the​ more difficult it​ can be to​ find appropriate products such as​ shoes. the​ feet of​ the​ elderly have walked countless miles and​ have carried unknown burdens throughout a​ lifetime. Feet of​ the​ aged are in​ need of​ some tender loving care.

Very few companies cater to​ the​ needs of​ the​ elderly foot. Those that do provide shoes appropriate for​ the​ aging foot do not offer much in​ terms of​ variety or​ classic styles. Just because an​ individual is​ getting older doesn’t meant that they do not have the​ desire to​ look good and​ feel good. While most shoes targeted at​ the​ aging community are designed for​ comfort, they are not designed to​ assist the​ elderly with the​ numerous foot issues they experience.

Feet have a​ tendency to​ widen over time and​ with age. Although many shoes do not allow for​ width differences between adult shoes and​ geriatric shoes. a​ shoe designed for​ the​ elderly needs to​ allow for​ the​ typical swelling that occurs in​ elderly feet without being so wide that they can walk right out of​ the​ shoe when their feet are not swollen.

The body of​ an​ aged individual is​ weaker than that of​ a​ younger adult, therefore proper support is​ required in​ order to​ protect aging feet from becoming over tired or​ stressed and​ complicating the​ walking process. Many older people already have certain mobility issues and​ they certainly don’t need any more created by the​ shoe they have on their feet.

While there are a​ few shoe companies that do offer a​ wider selection for​ geriatric shoes, few companies have truly targeted the​ science of​ developing a​ shoe that is​ appropriate for​ the​ older foot while still taking into consideration that there is​ a​ percentage of​ the​ elderly that still take style into consideration.

With the​ growing elderly needs rapidly on the​ rise with the​ baby boomer generation reaching retirement age and​ above, an​ enterprising individual could create quite the​ shoe dynasty if​ they marketed stylish shoes directly to​ fit the​ needs of​ the​ aging.

The elderly come with a​ host of​ foot related problems and​ they need shoes to​ properly support their body and​ pamper their feet. They need a​ shoe capable of​ assisting them with the​ variety of​ foot issues that can truly complicate their day to​ day lives and​ limit their mobility.

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