Genk Tourist Information

Genk Tourist Information

General summary of​ city:

Genk, a​ city in​ Belgium, is​ part of​ the Limburg province. Other cities contained within the province of​ Limburg include Hasselt: As, Beringen, Diepenbeek, Gingelom, Halen, Ham, Hasselt, Herk-de-Stad, Heusden-Zolder, Leopoldsburg, Lummen, Nieuwerkerken, Opglabbeek, Sint-Truiden, Tessenderlo, Zonhoven, and Zutendaal. in​ terms of​ locality, Genk is​ situated nearest to​ Hasselt in​ the province of​ Limburg.

The city of​ Genk has a​ population of​ over 63,000 people. The city of​ Genk is​ believed to​ have some history rooted in​ the Celtic peoples, and that the once small village of​ Genk was later, during the tenth century, converted to​ Christianity. Due to​ the fact that Genk had such small beginnings and it​ was not officially deemed a​ city until the year 2000, the city itself was not really recognized until the early 1900’s, thanks to​ Andre Dumont. Andre Dumont discovered a​ good quantity of​ coal in​ the Limburg region of​ Belgium, and it​ wasn’t long before coal miners discovered that Genk had plenty of​ coal to​ be had. The city soon grew with the mass movement of​ immigrants and when the drive for coal finally settled down in​ the late 1960’s, Genk merely adapted its industrial pursuits to​ more suitable industries: successful industries that focused on car manufacturing. The primary car manufacturing company in​ present day Genk is​ the Ford Motor company.

Places of​ Interest:

The Bokrijk in​ Genk nearby the Hasselt territory attracts many tourists every year. The Bokrijk is​ essentially an​ open-air museum, offering travelers the opportunity to​ enjoy nineteenth century architectural design. Within the museum tourists can see reconstructions of​ the Flemish buildings that once existed in​ Flanders. a​ number of​ enjoyable activities are offered at​ the Bokrijk, as​ well as​ re-enactments for viewing. Due to​ the fact that the Bokrijk is​ a​ large, open-aired museum, the location is​ filled with scenic gardens, wooded areas, grass lands and small bodies of​ water. Children are most welcome at​ the Bokrijk and a​ playground is​ readily available to​ children. The museum is​ open to​ tourists from the end of​ March until late September, every day, from 10 am to​ 6 pm. The cost of​ admission is​ 10 Euros for adults, 8.50 Euros for seniors, 5 Euros for children between the ages of​ 6 to​ 12.

Tourists also like to​ visit the Green City in​ Genk, the home of​ De Maten, a​ beautiful nature reserve. There are 35 ponds in​ the De Maten, and different species of​ fish are purposefully bred within the ponds, in​ an​ effort to​ promote aquatic life. Water birds have adapted to​ the area in​ De Maten and plants, including cotton grass, sundew, and roth grow in​ the area. Finally, the De Maten is​ home to​ a​ variety of​ different dragon flies and tree frogs. The De Maten is​ closed to​ tourists when it​ comes time for breeding.

Things to​ do:

Every year in​ Genk, tourists are welcomed at​ the Motives Festival, a​ music festival focusing on the genre of​ jazz. The Motives Festival is​ revered for its line up of​ fantastic jazz musicians and past performers have included Joshua Redman, Leafcutter John, and Esbjörn Svensson Trio, just to​ name a​ few of​ many.

Within the heart of​ Genk, travelers can enjoy an​ entire day of​ shopping at​ any one of​ the three shopping locales. The shopping centres are referred to​ as​ Centres 1, 2, and 3 respectively, and travelers can purchase souvenirs, hardwares, housewares, groceries, books, and the like. After a​ fine day of​ shopping in​ the city’s centre, travelers can then rest and dine and any number of​ accessible cafes.

In Molenvijvers Park in​ Genk, tourists are always amazed by the Sundial displays. There are a​ total of​ 12, unique sundials within Molenvijvers Park; one in​ particular looks like an​ ancient book! Truly, the Molenvijvers Park is​ an​ unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience.

Alternatively, within the Kattevennen, the Europlanetarum offers families an​ opportunity to​ explore the science of​ astronomy. Travellers have the opportunity to​ view unique displays about space, stars, planets and the like. Travellers can also enjoy a​ fine laser show, and view movies on a​ 360 degree dome ceiling—much like looking out into space.

Food & Drink:

There certainly is​ no shortage of​ delicious food and drink in​ Genk. At, El Greco, a​ Greek Restaurant, at​ Hoevenzavellaan 68A, tourists can sample vegetarian dishes and there is​ a​ special kid’s menu. Tourists can even order take out if​ they desire; public parking is​ available and the location is​ handicapped accessible. a​ full bar and an​ amazing wine list are available for those who are looking the quench their thirst. The El Greco Restaurant’s hours of​ operation are Wednesday through Sunday, from 5:30 pm to​ 10:30 pm, and Sunday from noon to​ 2:30pm. On Monday and Tuesday the restaurant is​ closed.

The Ganghista located at​ Stationsstraat 1 in​ Genk offers both Dutch and Belgian cuisine to​ the hungry traveller looking to​ sample some of​ Belgium’s fantastic foods. Past guests frequently recommend the seafood delights offered at​ the Ganghista. The Ganghista primarily serves dinner dishes and accepts a​ variety of​ different payments. Alternatively, for those who may be craving French cuisine, the Troje at​ Centrumlaan 36-38 in​ Genk offers a​ variety of​ French dishes, as​ well as​ a​ children’s menu. The Troje has street parking, serves both lunch and dinner, and is​ open daily from noon to​ 2:30 pm and 6 pm to​ 10 pm.

Hotels & Accommodation:

Hotel Europa
Best Western Hotel Atlantis
Hampshire Inn - ECU Genk
Arte Hotel
NH Genk Hotel

Whether exploring one of​ many Genk’s recreational locations, or​ viewing historic monuments in​ Genk, there is​ always something to​ do in​ this fine city. Filled with opportunities to​ shop, dine, and explore the countryside, Genk is​ an​ excellent destination for tourists. Individuals and families can stroll through the gorgeous parks in​ Genk, or​ walk the streets in​ Genk’s city centre. Further, because Genk is​ situated in​ central Limburg, it​ gives the traveller easy access to​ fantastic recreational pursuits in​ the cities surrounding Genk. For instance, Hasselt borders Genk and travelers, once they have completed their exploration of​ Genk, can visit Hasselt and view some of​ the city’s popular attractions. in​ Hasselt, tourists will find a​ number of​ favourite attractions including one of​ the largest outdoor skate parks in​ Belgium; the abbey of​ Herckenrode in​ Kuringen; myriad historical buildings and museums; a​ Japanese garden; Hasselt’s Kapermolenpark; the Kiewit the Sint-Quintinus Cathedral; and the Virga-Jesse Basilica, among numerous other attractions. Finally, tourists can also take advantage of​ the recreational offerings, dining facilities, nightlife activities and cultural destinations situated in​ nearby Hasselt.

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