Genital Warts Treatment

Genital Warts Treatment

Genital warts form on the​ male genitalia, female genitalia (both inside and​ outside) and​ near anus. They may appear singly or​ in​ a​ bunch and​ if​ allowed untreated, they can grow bigger and​ appear like cauliflowers. it​ is​ better to​ prevent getting genital warts rather than treating them. But the​ problem is​ this- one who passes on the​ virus that causes genital warts may be unaware that he/she has got the​ virus. So despite all precautions such as​ use of​ condoms etc. you may still get them. if​ unfortunately you get them, how does one treat them?

Genital warts- Treatment options

Your doctor may suggest treatment options to​ remove the​ warts by topical application or​ surgery. You cannot kill the​ virus by taking a​ tablet. You have to​ remove the​ warts and​ hope for​ the​ best. One method is​ application of​ topical medicines that may contain substances to​ dissolve the​ wart. That will depend upon the​ location of​ the​ wart. Every wart cannot be treated like this.

Genital warts- get them removed

To remove the​ wart the​ most popular method is​ to​ apply liquid nitrogen to​ it. Liquid nitrogen has very low temperature and​ will kill the​ skin and​ tissues of​ the​ warts. After few applications, the​ wart will get killed and​ can be removed easily. This is​ done by doctors and​ is​ not a​ painful procedure. Again how to​ and​ whether to​ use liquid nitrogen depends upon the​ location of​ the​ wart. Your doctor may get electrocautery or​ surgical excision to​ remove the​ wart. Lasers have emerged as​ a​ good option. All the​ treatments depend upon the​ location of​ the​ wart. Even after the​ wart is​ removed, there is​ no guarantee that it​ will not come up again. Get all the​ warts removed and​ keep you safe. Anytime you get mew warts, get them removed as​ soon as​ they appear.

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