Gdi Global Domains International Reviewed

Gdi Global Domains International Reviewed

If you have been on the internet for any length of​ time looking at​ business options you will eventually come across someone promoting GDI to​ you. So this article is​ to​ answer some of​ the basic questions about GDI. is​ this Business opportunity a​ scam? Do they have a​ product or​ service that is​ worthwhile? What is​ the potential of​ this opportunity? I will seek to​ answer these questions as​ objectively as​ possible.


If you have come to​ this article you are probably already considering whether GDI is​ a​ serious business opportunity or​ a​ scam! to​ determine if​ GDI is​ a​ scam the first question one must ask is​ are they marketing a​ worthwhile product or​ service or​ are they just another MLM or​ pyramid designed to​ take your money without giving you anything other than promises of​ great rewards and riches? The answer yes they have a​ genuine product/ service. in​ this case web hosting.

*The Service Outlined*
They provide a​ web hosting service. it​ is​ true you can get free website hosting on the net, in​ fact this very article is​ an​ example of​ a​ free web host and you can get good results from them, but there are a​ number of​ things you sacrifice.

Firstly if​ you are using a​ free web host provider there is​ always some form of​ cost, normally they require you to​ carry free ads on your site. (web1000 is​ an​ exception but you can't even put banners on it​ and its editor is​ painful to​ use).

While having ads on your website at​ first may not seem to​ be a​ problem, consider this, if​ you want this site to​ be your main business portal and hub, you may end up advertising your biggest competitor, not a​ smart move. You don't have ownership of​ your site. You may own the intellectual material but if​ the free web hoster changes their rules, goes out of​ business or​ just updates the way their system works there is​ not a​ thing you can do about it. Even with blogger you have to​ share your adsense revenue with them 50-50. That's why I recommend if​ you are serious about having an​ online business your main site be one that you own and that means paying for it.

In the case of​ GDI this means $10 a​ month. That's US Dollars, so if​ you are in​ Australia like me, thats not so good, if​ you operate in​ Euro's or​ pounds, thats great for you. For that you get a​ web site, 6 pages, 10 e-mail addresses and a​ domain name, its also includes a​ domain/site builder, domain and e-mail forwarding, use your own web builder, parking service. The only criticism I have is​ I would think 10 pages, rather than 6 would be better. However each page can have a​ huge amount of​ data. The 10 e-mail address means if​ you have 10 different businesses, affliliates programs or​ whatever you can devote an​ individual e-mail to​ each one and can with the forward even arrange to​ have them forwarded to​ a​ single box.

The other great advantage is​ the ability to​ choose a​ domain name. Most of​ the good .com names are long since gone. Further in​ the case of​ many of​ the other endings like .au, .us, .uk, etc many companies exist solely in​ buying up the best domain names to​ make a​ killing selling them to​ someone else at​ highly inflated prices. GDI with the .ws avoids this pitfall by ensuring the domain name is​ not sold as​ a​ separate entity, but only with the web hosting service. This stops domain name hording in​ its tracks. .ws is​ still new and now is​ the time to​ get the domain name you want. No additional $20 yearly fee for just the domain name registration.

The .ws ending was given to​ Western Samoa as​ their country code. However being a​ small country with little need for a​ computer country code, but in​ need of​ hard foreign currency they entered into an​ agreement with the founders of​ GDI to​ take the .ws ending to​ the world (rebranded as​ .ws for website).

*The Business Opportunity*

The fact is​ not everyone out there needs a​ web host. Let's examine why one has a​ website. Normally one either has a​ website for one of​ two reasons - BUSINESS or​ PERSONAL.

In the case of​ personal websites many people want their own personal e-mail addresses and have a​ website for a​ number of​ reasons, stay in​ touch with family with an​ open letter, express their beliefs or​ opinions on a​ world stage, to​ satisfied their own ego and sense of​ importance, create photo albums, join a​ community, etc. Some people will pay the $10 a​ month to​ have a​ website. as​ time progresses I think this will increase as​ more and more people become web aware and want to​ have their own address/ place on the web. With the highly transitive nature of​ the human population with greater movement than ever before in​ the history of​ the world one of​ the best ways people will be able to​ stay in​ contact with friends will be via the net. Consider how many people from school do you know twenty years later. Have you moved city, state, country, if​ you have you probably have lost contact with them. if​ you wanted to​ track them down how would you? I know I would do it​ via the web. This will be increasingly easy as​ people have personal web pages.

In the case of​ a​ website for Businesses most companies have a​ website for further advertising their company, some do have direct sales as​ well over the net, and some are nothing but internet based businesses, e.g. Ebay. in​ the case of​ a​ website for a​ business, I would think that what GDI offers is​ not big enough to​ meet their needs. Save for a​ landing page, redirect page or​ just the Domain name, GDI is​ aimed at​ the small internet business user. Thats not necessarily a​ bad thing but it​ is​ fact that has a​ bearing on the business opportunity. if​ GDI wants to​ grow further they will need to​ look at​ offering reasonable upgrade packages for the bigger players.

In the case of​ a​ small first time business wanting their own website with six pages GDI is​ not a​ bad option as​ it​ also gives them a​ source of​ secondary income.

It has the potential to​ be a​ good source of​ income as​ each person you bring in​ gets you $1 a​ month. Not a​ huge amount really, you would need 10 people just to​ pay for you hosting fee, but the winner here its that you get a​ $1 for each person they introduce down to​ five levels, the power to​ leverage the work of​ those below you is​ what appeals here. That can result in​ some good returns. You won't become a​ millionaire over night, but you can have a​ great income stream.

You might be thinking, I'm too late and missed the GDI wave. No I don't think so, not at​ this time this article is​ written. GDI members now are in​ the tens of​ thousands, not until its reaches 100's of​ millions will the wave subside. I don't think new customers will ever complete dry up either, because each year more and more tech. savey students finish school, and they brought up to​ believe they each need their own modern gadgets, including mobile phones, e-mailing, and even their own personal website. For kids who are spending $50 plus a​ month on mobile phones alone, $10 a​ month for their own website is​ nothing. I'm waiting for the day you no longer send in​ a​ resume into a​ prospective employer but just give them your web address and they can look up your life themselves. Thus I think the potential of​ GDI is​ long term, yes after the initial wave there will be an​ eventual slowing - there is​ no such thing as​ an​ infinite possiblity - there are 6 Billion people on the planet, once the majority of​ them is​ a​ customer you have reach the finite limit. Any company unless they have plans to​ further develop a​ service or​ introduce new products knows a​ market does reach a​ saturation point where growth slows. Not so good for an​ MLM company as​ their customers are also their business partners. Any MLM that wants to​ succeed must either sell a​ product the needs replacement over time - i.e. tupperware (where did I leave that lid, oh well time to​ another party and order another), or​ offer new services or​ products to​ the same downlines.

There are numerous ways to​ advertise GDI online. I myself am no great saleman. I hate cold calling, I hate door knocking, I hate feeling like I am invading someone personal space or​ coming across as​ pushy. That's why I love internet advertising. The buyer is​ in​ total control, no pushie saleman, don't like the sales pitch go to​ another site. There are several program set up to​ advertise GDI for you, programs like turbo GDI and Hits2U, both are cost effective.

In summary, if​ you need a​ web host, GDI is​ a​ option, particularly in​ relation to​ Domain names, if​ you don't need a​ web host and don't know someone else who does then its probably not for you.

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