Garmin And Magellan Gps Review

Garmin And Magellan GPS Review
Garmin Review:
Indisputably, Garmin is​ the world’s biggest manufacturer of​ consumer gps and the name has almost become synonymous with the product .​
The company has a​ long and envious history of​ producing quality and versatile GPS .​
Garmin has produced many kinds of​ GPS – some for automobiles, hikers, etc .​
Within each category there are different models to​ suit every activity.
For example the Garmin StreetPilot c340 has a​ text to​ speech functionality .​
So you have the added advantage of​ hands free operation and then the ability to​ concentrate on the road whilst driving and not looking at​ the GPS display to​ see what is​ written there .​
This mode of​ operation can take complex commands such as​ Turn Right at​ Next Intersection .​
This feature is​ a​ big plus for people who need to​ keep looking ahead on the road whilst driving fast.
This device can also be fitted with a​ traffic receiver so you can get real time traffic information .​
With this
feature, you can avoid traffic jams, road, diversions etc so you can reach your destination quicker.
Garmin also has the Nuvi 200 which is​ quite basic compared to​ others by the same manufacturer .​
But they come with some interesting fittings such as​ the unit converter .​
For those who want enhanced functionality, you can subscribe to​ travel information services.
This low cost range has some good features too such as​ the SD card slot to​ allow for the installation of​ add ons like extra maps.
The favorite in​ the 300 series of​ the garmein GPS is​ the Garmnin .​
396 .​
This product is​ an​ improvement over the 200 series as​ it​ displays information on satellite weather, has colorful maps and displays terrain warnings .​
Perhaps the biggest feature is​ the ability of​ the 396 to​ warn the user of​ any disturbances in​ the area of​ approach .​
For example if​ there is​ war or​ a​ conflict, you are informed accurately .​
The 396 also deserves some commendation for its crystal clear images which are visible in​ even poor light.
Magellan Review:
Magellan GPS is​ the preferred navigation system by many people because of​ its high adaptability .​
You can use the Magellan GPS as​ a​ portable hand held device or​ mounted permanently in​ your vehicle to​ give weather, traffic and road directions.
The uses of​ the Magellan GPS are beyond description .​
As a​ navigation system you can use it​ to​ find your way in​ unknown cities – saving the time you spend asking people for directions and sometimes getting lost due to​ poor descriptions and cardinals .​
Aside that, the Magellan GPS can be used as​ a​ car tracker .​
If you had you car stolen, you can use the signals beaming from the system to​ track the location of​ the car.
Magellan GPS come in​ various models and each has its specialties .​
The Magellan Triton displays full color maps and data with excellent graphics .​
This product is​ very rugged and is​ waterproof .​
The Magellan Maestro is​ ultra slim and touch screen enabled .​
You can see your maps in​ 2D or​ 3D modes as​ you want.
This unit also has voice alerts so you do not need to​ read the instructions on screen.
The Magellan CrossoverGPS is​ pocket-sized but has all the advanced features of​ the car and hand held types .​
It is​ good for hiking, camping, fishing or​ other personal outdoor activity.
The Magellan RoadMate has thousands of​ road maps and Point of​ Interest data .​
So you never get lost with this device .​
You have both audio and visual road directions .​
The outstanding feature of​ the Magellan crossover is​ the Integrated Receiver Feeds LIVE incident reports that brings you real time update of​ road conditions.
The eXplorist can save tracks and other Points of​ Interest in​ a​ more versatile way than the others .​
The map can be expanded and has been designed for both right and left handed people .​
You have one touch access to​ all other features and the menu of​ the system .​
The backlight makes the display readable during day and night without trouble .​
Most importantly, you can customize the screen to​ display only the information you want.

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