Garage Sale Promoting For Quick Easy Money

Garage Sale Promoting For Quick Easy Money


Pick almost any city or​ town in​ the​ country, drive through any
middle class neighborhood or​ residential area on the​ weekend, and
you're sure to​ spot at​ least a​ half dozen garage sales.
What's being sold at​ these garage sales? the​ accumulated junk
people no longer use or​ want taking up space in​ or​ around their
homes .​
Are they making any money with these garage sales? You'd
better believe they're making money! It's not at​ all uncommon to
make $600 with a​ weekend garage sale .​
It is​ hard to​ put on a
profitable garage sale? Well, yes and​ no .​
It really does take
some of​ your time, and​ also requires an​ awareness of​ a​ few
merchandising tactics .​
But the​ problem in​ running a​ successful
garage sale are small in​ comparison to​ the​ profits.
Who are the​ buyers, and​ how do you get them to​ come to​ your
garage sale? Your customers are going to​ be everybody, and​ you
get them over to​ your garage with a​ little bit of​ advertising and
Let's look at​ the​ background: Everybody accumulates the​ kind of
garage sale items that other people are searching for, and​ are
willing to​ buy .​
These items range from no longer wanted or
outgrown items of​ clothing, to​ furniture, tools, knick-knacks,
books, pictures and​ toys .​
Many garage sale items are objects of
merchandise purchased on impulse, and​ later found to​ be not what
the buyer wanted .​
He discovered too late that he really didn't
have a​ use for​ it, or​ he no longer has a​ need for​ it .​
Many items
found at​ garage sales are gifts that have been given to​ the
seller, but are the​ wrong size or​ incorrect choice for​ the
The problem wit most people is​ that they haven't the​ time to
gather up all the​ items just taking up space in​ and​ around
their homes and​ staging a​ garage sale to​ get rid of​ them .​
people don't know how to​ stage a​ garage sale, and​ many other
people feel that putting on a​ garage sale is​ just too much bother
and work.
This is​ where you enter the​ picture .​
Your enterprise will be an
ongoing garage sale of​ items donated and​ collected from these
people who lack the​ inclination to​ put on a​ garage sales of​ their
Step one is​ education: Spend a​ few weeks visiting all the​ garage
sales, swap meets and​ flea markets in​ your area .​
Find out what's
being offered for​ sale, what people are buying, and​ how the
merchandise is​ being sold .​
generally an​ item is​ tagged with a
price, but the​ seller is​ open to​ almost any reasonable offer from
the customer .​
Another thing you want to​ make a​ mental not of​ is
the way the​ merchandise is​ displayed and​ how the​ customers are
allowed to​ browse.
You start your own garage sale by cleaning out your basement,
attic, closets and​ garage .​
Talk to​ your relatives and​ friends;
tell them what you're going to​ do and​ ask them for​ donations of
no longer used or​ unwanted items .​
It's here that you'll get your
first experience in​ negotiating, and​ finally, an​ agreement for
you to​ display and​ sell other people's merchandise for​ a
percentage of​ the​ sale price .​
You'll find people explaining that
they really don't have a​ use for​ a​ specific item or​ thy really
don't want to​ keep storing it, but because of​ sentimental
reasons, just hate to​ give it​ away.
Once you've had a​ little experience with this type of​ seller, you
will be able to​ advertise in​ the​ newspaper that you buy garage
sale items, or​ take them on consignment for​ a​ percentage of​ the
final sales price.
It's best that your wife handle the​ garage sale itself---greets
potential customers, shows them around,and generally engages
them in​ conversation .​
If it's a​ woman staging the​ garage sale,
then arrangements should be made to​ have another woman mind the
store while she's out digging up more items for​ sale.
The advertising angle is​ really quite simple, and​ shouldn't cost
very much either .​
You should run an​ ad in​ your area shopper's
newspaper for​ about three days in​ advance of, and​ up through the
day of​ your sale .​
Once you're operating on a​ full-time , every
day of​ the​ week schedule, you'll want to​ change your ad schedule
and the​ style of​ your advertising .​
But in​ getting started, go
with small classified ads simply announcing your garage sale,
emphasizing that you've got something of​ interest to
everyone--everything form a​ to​ Z .​
To get ideas on how to​ write
your ad, check your newspaper for​ a​ week or​ so; cut out all the
garage sale ads you can find; paste them up on a​ piece of​ paper.
Then, with a​ bit of​ critical analysis, you'll be able to
determine how to​ write a​ good ad of​ your own by determining the
good and​ bad in​ the​ ads you've collected .​
Something to​ remember:
The bigger and​ better you sale, the​ bigger and​ better your
getting started ads should be .​
And the​ secret to​ outstanding
garage sale profits is​ in​ having the​ widest or​ largest selection
of merchandise.
You should have made an​ old-fashioned sandwich board sign to
display in​ front of​ your house when your garage sale is​ open for
business .​
This will pull in​ your neighbors, if​ you haven't
already informed them, and​ attract the​ people driving by.
Sandwich boards are sometimes set out at​ key traffic
intersections nor far from the​ site of​ the​ garage sale, to
attract attention and​ point the​ way .​
(Check local ordinances to
see if​ this is​ permitted in​ your area.)
Another sign idea practiced by a​ few sharp operators is​ the​ old
Burma Shave roadside pointers .​
Here, you simply take a​ few
pieces of​ cardboard and​ tack onto the​ power poles a​ about 200
yards intervals on a​ thoroughfare leading to​ your garage sale.
You'll create a​ lot of​ traffic for​ yourself! Simply visit the
public library and​ check out a​ book on limericks, adapt the​ ones
you find humorous, and​ start making signs .​
Once word here Though:
Be sure to​ check your local ordinances before you start nailing
signs to​ power poles.
By all means, search out and​ use all the​ free bulletin boards in
your area .​
It's better, and​ usually much more profitable, to​ take
the time to​ make up and​ attention grabbing circular you can post
on these bulletin boards than just using a​ written 3 by 5 card
To do this, pick up some transfer lettering, go thru your
newspapers and​ old magazines for​ interesting illustrations,
graphics and​ pictures, then with a​ little bit of​ imagination,
makeup an​ 81/2 by 11 poster type announcement of​ your sale .​
you've got it​ pasted up, take it​ to​ any quick print shop ad have
them print up 50 to​ 100 copies for​ you .​
The cost should not come
to more than six or​ seven dollars.
If you make this circular/poster up with versatility and
long-time usage in​ mid, you can use it​ over and​ over again,
simply by pasting a​ new date .​
In case you were puzzled when we
talk about pasting this is​ simply pasting another piece of
paper on to​ the​ overall page .​
Say you have a​ circular with a​ date
of Wednesday March 1st, and​ you want it​ to​ read Thursday, July
16th .​
Rather than do the​ whole thing over, simply write out the
new date with your transfer letters on a​ separate sheet of​ paper,
cut it​ out to​ fit in​ the​ space occupied by the​ old date, and
paste the​ new date over the​ old date .​
a​ good paste to​ use for
this purpose is​ rubber cement .​
That's all there is​ to​ it; the
printer does the​ rest.
Now let's talk about the​ 'insider secrets of​ drawing people into
your sale, and​ merchandising gimmicks' that will result in​ the
maximum sales and​ profit for​ you .​
call attention to​ your sale .​
Don't be shy, bashful, or
self-conscious about letting everybody for​ miles about know that
you're having a​ garage sale .​
Some sharp operators do the​ next
best thing to​ having the​ Goodyear blimp overhead: They rent
miniature blimps, send them up above the​ housetops, and​ tether
them there on their sale days .​
Of course this giant balloon or
miniature blimp has some sort of​ sign on the​ side of​ it, inviting
people to​ the​ garage sale! this is​ one of​ the​ strongest available
advertising ideas for​ pulling traffic' to​ a​ sale of​ any kind.
For more details, write to​ Pie-In-The-Sky Company, PO Box 5267,
San Mateo, CA 94402.
You have to​ give your sale some flair .​
Put some posts up across
the front of​ the​ property and​ run some twisted cree paper between
them .​
Even better than crepe paper, run some brightly colored
ribbons .​
Invest in​ some colorful pennants and​ fly them from
temporary flag poles .​
And don't forget the​ balloons!
Make your garage sale a​ fun kind of​ event with clusters of
balloons anchored to​ your display tables and​ racks .​
Be sure to
float them well above the​ heads of​ your customers as​ they are
browsing through your merchandise displays.
Cover your display tables with colorful cloths .​
Don't hesitate to
use bright colors with busy patterns .​
Regardless of​ what you
sell, effective display is​ still predominately essential!
You cannot dump items haphazardly on a​ table, sit down and
expect to​ realize great profits .​
The people doing the​ most
business---making the​ most sales--are the​ ones with interesting
displays, action and​ color.
Try to​ have as​ wide a​ selection of​ colors as​ possible in​ your
clothing racks, and​ mix them for​ a​ rainbow effect .​
Make sure that
your jewelry items shine and​ sparkle .​
Arrange them in​ and​ with
jewelry boxes, jewelry ladders and​ other items sold for​ the
purpose of​ showing off jewelry while keeping it​ neatly organized.
We know of​ one lady who regularly arranges jewelry items in​ a
battery operated lazy susan .​
Seeing this jewelry slowly turning
on the​ lazy susan never fails to​ draw attention.
Think about it, and​ then study the​ methods of​ display used by
rack jobbers in​ the​ stores in​ your area .​
These are the​ wire
racks that usually hold card packaged items .​
This kind of​ display
rack would lend itself beautifully for​ anchoring a​ cluster of
balloons .​
Keep these things in​ mind, and​ build your individual
displays as​ part of​ the​ whole; make it​ pleasing to​ the​ eye as
well as​ convenient for​ your customers to​ browse through and
select the​ items that appeal to​ them.
Look for​ some kind of​ interesting and​ unusual item to​ call
attention to​ your sale--something you can set up or​ park in​ front
of your house during your sale .​
Some of​ the​ displays we've seen
along these lines include a​ horse-drawn surrey, a​ restored Model
T, and​ old farm plow .​
But anything of​ an​ unusual and​ interesting
nature will do the​ trick for​ you .​
One couple we know put up a
display using a​ manikin dressed in​ an​ old time farm bonnet, long
dress and​ apron .​
The display depicted a​ farm woman of​ old,
washing clothes with a​ scrub board and​ two steel wash tubs .​
have to​ believe this drew crowds and​ made people talk!
Wherever your imagination takes you, you have to​ be different and
distinctive, or​ you'll get lost in​ the​ hundreds of​ garage sales
going on all around you .​
If you'll take the​ time to​ employ a​ bit
of imagination and​ set your sales up with the​ kind of​ flair we've
been talking about, you'll not just draw the​ crowds, you'll end
up being the​ one holding the​ most profits.
It's almost a​ compulsion of​ many women to​ go shopping, to​ search
for the​ interesting and​ sometimes rare and​ valuable items .​
fact will keep you as​ busy as​ you'll ever want to​ be--staging and
holding garage sales .​
The market is​ so vast, and​ the​ appetite so
varied, that anything from a​ brass bedstead to​ a​ used dairy of
somebody's long-forgotten grandmother will sell, and​ sell fast at
garage sales .​
Put it​ all together, use a​ little imagination, and
you'll easily make all the​ money you want!

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