Gaming Hall Of Fame American Casino Game Leaders

Gaming Hall Of Fame American Casino Game Leaders

Gaming Hall of​ Fame: American Casino Game Leaders
Since 1989,​ the​ American casino gaming industry honors some its selected members by inducting them into the​ Gaming Hall of​ Fame .​
The 18th annual Gaming Hall of​ Fame charity dinner and induction ceremony will take place at​ Wynn Hotel and Casino in​ Las Vegas on​ November 15,​ 2006 and will benefit the​ National Center for Responsible Gaming .​
The Gaming Hall of​ Fame purpose is​ to​ honor people who contributed to​ the​ reputation of​ the​ American casino entertainment world .​
The 18th annual Gaming Hall of​ Fame charity dinner and induction ceremony is​ organized by the​ American Gaming Association .​
The AGA purpose is​ to​ widen the​ understating of​ the​ gaming entertainment industry among the​ American public .​
Former Gaming Hall of​ Fame inductees include famous Las Vegas entertainers such as​ Sir Tom Jones,​ Frank Sinatra,​ Siegfried and Roy and more and industry developers including William Harrah,​ William Boyd,​ Donald Trump and more .​
Here you can read about some of​ the​ most notable Gaming Hall of​ Fame past inductees.
1) Steve Wynn,​ the​ Chairman and CEO of​ Wynn Resorts is​ honored for his part in​ making Las Vegas into one of​ the​ top resort destinations in​ the​ world .​
Wynn has been serving in​ several executive positions in​ the​ gaming entertainment industry since the​ 1960s .​
Prior to​ founding Wynn Resorts,​ Wynn had opened the​ Treasure Island Hotel and Casino and Bellagio in​ Las Vegas and spent 27 years as​ chairman of​ the​ board for Mirage Resorts.
2) Alessandro Stratta,​ the​ Executive Chef of​ the​ elite Las Vegas restaurant Alex,​ is​ honored for bringing his top culinary skills to​ Las Vegas .​
Since arriving to​ Las Vegas in​ 1998,​ every restaurant that Stratta had served as​ an​ executive chef received the​ AAA Five Diamond Award .​
Before opening Alex in​ 2005,​ Stratta worked as​ an​ executive chef at​ the​ Renoir at​ the​ Mirage .​
He had gained his experience by serving at​ some of​ the​ top establishments in​ the​ world including the​ Stanford Court Hotel in​ San Francisco to​ the​ Hotel du Paris and Louis XV in​ Monaco.
3) Franco Dragone of​ Dragone Group is​ honored for being one of​ the​ top entertainment innovators in​ the​ worlds entertainment industry .​
Dragone is​ responsible for introducing Las Vegas casino visitors to​ spectacular shows such as​ Le Cirque Reinvent,​ La Magie Continue,​ Nouvelle Experience,​ La Nouba and Las Vegas exclusives Mystere and O .​
Most recently Dragone had created the​ exclusive Le Reve for Wynn Las Vegas,​ which featured visual theater,​ artistic performance and special multimedia effects.
4) In 1989 William F .​
Harrah,​ the​ founder of​ Harrahs Entertainment received the​ Industry Leader Award .​
The first Harrahs casino was opened in​ Reno,​ Nevada in​ 1937 .​
Since then,​ Harrahs became a​ leading casino entertainment company with over 40 properties in​ three countries .​
William F .​
Harrah was the​ first casino owner in​ the​ United States to​ host shows by African American entertainers .​
In 2000,​ Harrahs Entertainment won the​ first achievement award in​ the​ Gaming Hall of​ Fame history for promoting responsible gaming.
5) In 1990,​ Benny Binion wad inducted to​ the​ Gaming Hall of​ Fame as​ a​ casino gaming industry leader .​
At the​ same year,​ he was inducted to​ the​ Poker Hall of​ Fame .​
By creating the​ World Series of​ Poker,​ Binion has major part in​ turning poker into the​ popular game it​ is​ today.
6) Frank Sinatra was the​ first entertainer to​ enter the​ Gaming Hall of​ Fame in​ 1997,​ a​ year before his death .​
Since then,​ several entertainers were inducted to​ Gaming Hall of​ Fame .​
One of​ them is​ the​ singer songwriter Paul Anka,​ who had received the​ 2001 Entertainment Award by the​ American Gaming Association .​
Anka was awarded for his successful performances in​ casinos statewide for almost five decades.

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