Gambia Casinos

Gambia Casinos

The list of​ the​ Gambia's casinos is​ surprisingly short for the​ country. While it​ is​ a​ small country,​ essentially the​ valley of​ the​ river Gambia,​ it​ has an​ open and thriving economy. it​ has also become one of​ the​ great destinations for European tourists in​ search of​ some winter sun.

In fact the​ country deliberately set out to​ become a​ tourist magnet for those escaping from the​ severity of​ a​ Northern European winter: something they've managed to​ do very well. So the​ shortness of​ the​ list of​ Gambia's casinos is​ therefore something of​ a​ puzzle,​ it's simply odd that there aren't more.

That sort list of​ Gambia's casinos in​ fact only contains two places: On Cape St Mary there is​ the​ Fajara Casino Club offering blackjack,​ slots,​ roulette and baccarat (very much a​ European gambling game and one the​ presence here shows who the​ likely players at​ the​ casino are).

There is​ also in​ Kanifing the​ Kololi Casino,​ offering again roulette,​ blackjack,​ baccarat and in​ addition,​ poker.

One of​ the​ interesting things about the​ country is​ that it​ was both the​ first and the​ last of​ the​ British colonies in​ Africa. the​ location and the​ natural port at​ the​ head of​ the​ great river (and the​ fresh water of​ the​ river itself) made it​ a​ natural stopping place for sailing ships to​ come in​ and restock their supplies before going on​ further afield.

A rather darker part of​ the​ country's history was the​ associated part it​ played in​ the​ slave trade. That very port and the​ fact that ships were stopping there anyway made it​ one of​ the​ great trading centers of​ the​ trade across the​ Atlantic. in​ fact,​ when Alex Haley wrote his familial autobiography,​ 'Roots',​ he was able to​ trace his own line to​ Kunta Kinte,​ born in​ a​ small village on​ the​ north bank of​ the​ river. Some of​ the​ country's tourist trade is​ thus based,​ that part of​ it​ which isn't on​ Europeans looking for sun,​ on​ Americans rediscovering their roots.

In common with many other African counties the​ Gambia depended in​ the​ past upon the​ export of​ a​ commodity for it's keep,​ in​ their case groundnuts (peanuts). While this is​ still important the​ dual industries of​ the​ port itself (much trans-shipment is​ done here) and the​ ever growing tourist industry have now taken up much of​ the​ strain.

We can expect,​ as​ that tourist trade continues to​ grow in​ both size and sophistication,​ for the​ list of​ Gambia's casinos to​ grow.

Gambia Casinos

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