Gain Weight

Gain Weight

Understanding the​ Underlying Reasons Why People Gain Weight
Although many people are now into the​ idea of​ losing weight,​ there are still those who focus on​ how to​ gain weight. ​
The reasons behind the​ want to​ gain weight usually vary form one person to​ another but the​ fact remains that there are still those who would want to​ increase their body volume while the​ majority of​ the​ people in​ the​ society are dying to​ lose some. ​

Today,​ with all the​ shifts in​ the​ modern society,​ it​ is​ really hard to​ tell how long frenzy will take. ​
if ​ you are one of​ those people who are confused which fitness trend to​ follow,​ read on​ so you can have a​ grasp of​ which is​ really best for you. ​

Why gain weight?
Gaining weight has never been a​ trend until now. ​

Why? Since the​ commercialization of​ slim figures and​ thin frames by magazines and​ the​ by the​ fashion industry,​ the​ society has always considered being thin as​ sexy and​ more acceptable. ​

But now,​ more and​ more people are getting into weight gain for various reasons. ​
One of​ the​ reasons why some people would like to​ gain weight is​ for their health. ​
it​ has always been a​ fact that proper food intake is​ one of​ the​ key reasons to​ maintaining good health.
This is​ because the​ nutrients from the​ foods people eat give them the​ energy needed to​ sustain a​ healthy body. ​
Studies show that many people would like to​ gain weight because they believe that having higher body mass is​ a​ good indicator of​ good health. ​

Another reason why some people would like gain weight is​ they would like to​ top avoid or​ recover from various eatingrelated disorders such as​ anorexia and​ bulimia. ​
People—especially girls—would now like to​ gain weight so they won’t be mistaken to​ suffer from an eating or​ emotional disorder. ​

Bodybuilding is​ also another major reason why people—regardless of​ gender,​ race,​ or​ status—gain weight. ​
These people are those who believe that having muscular frame is​ sexy and​ the​ best thing for them. ​
Experts say that people who are into bodybuilding should really gain weight so their bodies will have so much to​ burn while they are doing rigorous workouts and​ training required in​ body building. ​

Pregnancy among women is​ also another major reason why they need to​ gain weight. ​
Weight gain is​ very important to​ women who are conceiving because this ensures healthy and​ successful pregnancy. ​
Experts say that weight gain is​ inevitable for pregnant women because this where she and​ the​ fetus inside rely for sufficient nutrients. ​
Pregnant women should never hesitate to​ gain weight during this event in​ their lives because proper food intake and​ ideal body mass will determine the​ outcome of​ the​ pregnancy. ​

TIP For women who are so afraid of​ gaining weight due to​ pregnancy,​ they should focus their mind on​ the​ condition of​ the​ fetus inside their bellies and​ not of​ their own. ​
if ​ they do this,​ they will have more motivation to​ eat healthy and​ achieve the​ ideal weight for their individual needs.
People are also looking forward to​ gain weight because it​ is​ a​ requirement for a​ certain job. ​
Although this reason are confined to​ those who need jobs such as​ freelance bouncers in​ a​ private bar or​ concert,​ in​ house fitness guru,​ body building trainer and​ the​ like,​ more and​ more people are gaining weight so they can get a​ job where they can earn money as​ well as​ achieve satisfaction and​ fulfillment. ​

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