Funny Images And Videos Online

Funny Images And Videos Online

Images have always been useful on internet content, the​ first logos were mainly the​ name of​ the​ company with a​ simple drawing, then we got MS Paint, where people could make their own images, that was a​ revolution on image creating. Times passed, and​ new technologies appeared, today we see images even on the​ most simple and​ old-fashioned websites, 3D pictures, softwares like photoshop have taken control of​ the​ image producing and​ editing.

The videos we nowadays watch at​ You Tube, were not always like this, they were just simple presentions, with texts and​ sometimes a​ few images, now we can also watch 3D movies, hundreds of​ film editing softwares, we can now create moving images, starting from zero, and​ without a​ lot of​ acknowledge about softwares or​ image creating.
Images and​ videos have always been connected, since most videos are formed by images, not only films. in​ the​ past, we would only watch some commercial and​ business videos and​ images, nowadays we find any video and​ any image about anything, the​ internet is​ filled with content for​ all ages and​ likes.

But as​ everything, there is​ a​ bad side on that too, with funny images photos pics and​ videos being accessible by anyone who has a​ computer connected to​ the​ internet, a​ lot of​ bad content is​ being distributed around, criminality, po​rn, violence, even kids find content related to​ that, they may not wish so, but the​ internet has been such a​ mess, with advertising everywhere, that sometimes we can not choose what we want to​ see anymore, it​ just pops up and​ we are shown anything others are paying to​ show.

Of course, someone can have a​ lot of​ fun watching videos and​ finding nice images, comic strips, and​ obviously, serious content, all those videos and​ images available do certainly help a​ lot of​ people with their jobs and​ school work, have you ever imagined what it​ would be like if​ the​ internet was like the​ past, only black and​ white text pages? I can bet it​ would not be that popular if​ it​ was like that.

So, in​ general, the​ online images and​ videos have developed a​ lot in​ the​ past years, from simple logos to​ websites dedicated to​ images hosting, from text presentations to​ 3D videos and​ websites specialized on internet videos, it​ is​ hard to​ imagine what it​ will be like in​ a​ few years, with several ideas popping up every day, this industry still has a​ far market to​ take control!

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