From Writer To Author A Self Published Authors Journey

As a​ newly self published author, I am amazed by how many people have told me that they have a​ novel or​ idea for a​ book that they always wanted to​ have published. I usually tell these aspiring writers that it​ can happen and, if​ they are willing to​ listen, I tell them my story about how I self published my book. I have always enjoyed writing, mostly for my own enjoyment, but knew I had a​ talent for creative writing. My first audience was my co-workers at​ a​ bank I worked for in​ Seattle, where everyday, I filled in​ for the receptionist while she when to​ lunch. During that hour, I wrote installments to​ a​ suspense thriller, set on the Oregon coast, which I shared with the other assistants on the floor who eagerly awaited my new chapters. Years later, I moved to​ Hawaii and sent regular email updates of​ my adventures to​ my friends, which I called “Memos from Maui.” Living in​ Hawaii is​ kind of​ like living in​ a​ foreign country and I had fun sharing my observations of​ life on a​ tropical island. “Memos from Maui” were well received and I knew then that I was hooked; I had to​ do something with my writing. Like the aspiring writers I mentioned earlier, I too was engaged in​ making a​ living as​ well as​ dealing with life’s other distractions. I have had a​ number of​ different careers, but none gave me the satisfaction I felt when I had people tell me that they liked my writing.

Returning to​ the mainland, I settled into a​ familiar routine of​ working for a​ living. One day, I picked up a​ Learning Annex catalog and came across a​ screenwriting class and decided to​ enroll. The instructor’s name was Lew Hunter, who for years taught his “Screenwriting 434” at​ the UCLA Film School. His method for writing a​ screenplay is​ a​ formula based on the three-act Greek play. His class taught specific methods of​ story and character development. it​ gave me an​ entirely different set of​ tools as​ a​ writer and I began to​ write my first screenplay. After 3 months of​ writing, I completed Dance of​ the Heart. The method of​ writing I learned from Lew made the process of​ writing much more structured and as​ a​ result, made writing easier. I sent my screenplay off to​ a​ couple of​ screenwriting competitions and readers, but like most screenplays that are written, it​ didn’t get noticed. My story sat in​ my files for about 5 years until I decided that I believed in​ my story and that I would rewrite it​ into a​ novel. I took me about a​ year, but I finally finished Dance of​ the Heart as​ a​ novel.

When I was ready to​ explore how to​ get published, I again picked up a​ Learning Annex catalog and found a​ daylong “Book Camp,” which was a​ workshop on how to​ publish a​ book. it​ was an​ informative day and I quickly realized that getting my book published by a​ traditional publisher was as​ likely as​ my screenplay being made into a​ movie. The good news was that the instructor, Penny Sansevieri, a​ self-published author of​ “From Book to​ Bookseller,” had representatives from companies at​ the workshop that offered self-publishing services to​ writers. They provided me the technical support and expertise that I lacked and made it​ possible for me to​ publish my novel. So with motivation and dedication, and a​ little help from the Learning Annex, I am now a​ published author and am quick to​ share with others that they too can realize their dream of​ seeing their words in​ print. It’s just a​ matter of​ being committed to​ your dream; believing in​ your work and not letting anyone say it​ can’t be done. I am proof that it​ can!

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