Frigidity A Growing Sexual Health Concern Among Women

Frigidity A Growing Sexual Health Concern Among Women

Frigidity a​ Growing Sexual Health Concern Among Women
Having female sexual dysfunction can be bothersome,​ a​ terrible condition similar to​ erectile
dysfunction in​ men. ​
Inadequate sexual function in​ women can be a​ complex problem that can have
many different causes. ​
An estimated 40% of​ women suffer from sexual dysfunction,​ and​ might be
caused by any physical illness,​ or​ may be linked to​ psychological factors. ​
This condition mainly
affects a​ womans sexual health,​ and​ has symptoms including lack of​ sexual desire,​ inability to​
enjoy sex,​ insufficient vaginal lubrication,​ and​ even failure to​ have an orgasm. ​

Also known as​ Female Sexual Arousal Disorder FSAD,​ this condition still makes women
psychologically desire for sex,​ but their genital area fails to​ respond normally,​ making it​
painful or​ impossible to​ have sex. ​
When men and​ women normally get aroused,​ their genitals become
engorged with blood. ​
For women,​ this results in​ the​ enlargement of​ the​ clitoris and​ surrounding
tissues comparable to​ a​ male erection,​ secretion of​ vaginal lubrication,​ and​ relaxation and​
widening of​ the​ vaginal opening for intercourse. ​

A womans sexual health is​ affected by a​ number of​ other health conditions. ​
In this case,​ FSAD
can result from an underlying medical condition such as​ high blood pressure or​ diabetes. ​
This can
also be caused by certain irritations,​ infections,​ and​ growth in​ the​ vaginal area. ​
it​ can also be
a negative physiological reaction to​ certain birth control methods. ​
This condition may also be
caused by medications used to​ treat high blood pressure,​ peptic ulcers,​ depression,​ anxiety,​ or​
cancer. ​
Another reason may be due to​ a​ combination of​ physical,​ hormonal,​ or​ emotional changes
that occur during or​ after pregnancy,​ or​ while breast feeding. ​
In addition,​ FSAD can also be
linked to​ several psychological causes including depression,​ poor selfesteem,​ sexual abuse,​ fear
of pregnancy,​ inadequate or​ ineffective foreplay,​ feelings of​ shame or​ guilt about sex,​ or​ stress
and fatigue. ​

For treatment of​ FSAD,​ on​ going research has suggested that the​ use of​ ​viagra​ for treating sexual
disorders in​ women helps increase blood flow,​ thereby increasing physical stimulation in​ the​
genital area. ​
However,​ researchers are still waiting for evidence that ​viagra​ could actually work
on women. ​
For now,​ physicians concentrate on​ eliminating medications that might have a​ negative
impact on​ a​ womans sexual health. ​
Doctors also review the​ effects of​ certain contraceptive
methods that can be a​ possible factor for FSAD. ​

For women who suffer from vaginal dryness,​ it​ is​ recommended for them to​ use lubricants before
having sexual intercourse in​ order to​ prevent pain. ​
On the​ other hand,​ some physicians recommend
women to​ practice Kegel Exercises,​ a​ form of​ exercise that helps in​ developing the​ muscles around
the outer part of​ the​ vagina. ​
These muscles are involved in​ the​ production of​ pleasurable
sensations. ​
Adding to​ this,​ psychological counseling can also play an integral role in​ treating
women with sexual problems,​ including FSAD. ​
Coaching in​ sexual foreplay as​ well as​ stimulation
techniques can also contribute to​ the​ wellness of​ a​ woman who suffers from FSAD. ​

Upon knowing all these,​ women can now become more aware of​ this sexual health condition that
might be experienced by many,​ but is​ often misunderstood. ​
Consulting ones physician may be the​
best way to​ know more about FSAD. ​
Constant checkup sessions with the​ physician or​ gynecologist
will also help women prevent or​ address such a​ frustrating sexual condition.

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