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Finding a​ freelance writer can be a​ daunting task, especially for the person who requires the skills of​ a​ capable writer, but does not know where to​ begin to​ look for one. Not everyone who says they are a​ freelance writer is​ one either. Sure, they may work freelance, but they are not skilled as​ a​ writer. Let’s explore some ways you can find a​ freelance writer who meets your exact specifications.

Internet Search -- Using internet search engine Google you can enter a​ few key words and see what shows up in​ your search results. Within your search parameters, enter “freelance writer” in​ quotes. Between the ads that show up marketing freelance writers [above and to​ the right of​ your search results] and the first ten or​ so search results, you should locate some decent choices. Click on the ads and the search results to​ be redirected to​ each freelance writer’s web site. From there, you should be able to​ determine if​ this person is​ right for you.

Article Directories -- Several of​ the major article directories on the internet feature articles submitted by freelancers. Freelance writers will typically showcase some of​ their finest works in​ hopes that you will read several of​ their articles and select them for an​ upcoming project. Visit Ezine Articles,, Article Sphere, and Go Articles to​ name a​ few, to​ peruse the works of​ each site’s high performing authors.

Paid Sites -- Some freelance writers have registered with paid referral sites such as​ Guru. as​ an​ employer, you can register on Guru too and place the specifications of​ your project online, and receive bids for your work. Make certain that the all the terms of​ your project are agreed upon before rewarding the project to​ a​ writer.

Unpaid Sites -- The most popular site for finding freelance writers is​ Craig’s List or​ craigslist as​ it​ is​ commonly spelled. Not just freelance writers, but graphic artists, web designers, you name it. Craig’s List is​ a​ high impact site typically ranking in​ the top 100 of​ all internet destinations!

Of course, any freelance writer worth their salt will list their own web site featuring samples of​ some of​ their best work. Spend a​ little time getting a​ feel for their style and ask for a​ quote before rewarding your project. if​ you need references, just ask.

Finding a​ good freelance writer can take some time and effort on your part, but by carefully choosing a​ freelancer you can find someone eager to​ give to​ you their best work. it​ may first take completing several projects together before you both are able to​ determine that your business relationship is​ a​ “fit.” Regardless, once you have a​ writer who “works magic” on your part, stick with him or​ her and you won’t be disappointed.

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