Free1up Review Great Opportunity May Not Be For You

Free1up Review Great Opportunity May Not Be For You

There are plenty of​ Free1Up reviews out there, but unfortunately, many tend to​ leave out the “negative” aspects of​ the system. While there are many benefits to​ this great money-making opportunity, you should also look at​ some of​ the reasons why you may NOT want to​ join.

Below is​ a​ list of​ the top reasons not to​ join, complete with full explanations...

# 1 - if​ you are looking to​ “Get Rich Quick”...

Although it​ is​ feasible to​ make inordinate amounts of​ money with Free1Up, with the right marketing strategy, support from your sponsor (if you are new to​ this type of​ online business), and persistence, it​ is​ far from a​ “Get Rich Quick” scam. You'll have to​ put in​ some work, and do a​ little more than just “sign up” to​ reap the benefits. When I say “work” though, I mean taking the necessary steps to​ getting the word out. There are people out there looking for legitimate money-making opportunities, it's just a​ matter of​ exposing THOSE people to​ your website.

#2 - if​ you are unwilling to​ be persistent.

So you've signed up. You've read all of​ the materials and advice your sponsor (aka team leader) has provided you (considering your sponsor cares enough to​ do that for you). Now what? One day rolls around, no sales. Two, three days—still no sales. Do you give up? if​ so, then stay away from a​ matter of​ fact, stay away from any legitimate online business and blow your money on scam after scam until you give up doing that. I'm not trying to​ be harsh, but the truth is, you must create a​ strategy and follow through with it, at​ least for a​ few weeks, if​ not a​ few months before you try something else. as​ mentioned before, you should have a​ sponsor that is​ willing to​ help you out and guide you along until you are comfortable running the business on your own. Unfortunately, not everyone has a​ good sponsor—the good news is​ that there is​ mountains of​ information all over the internet to​ help you be successful, and to​ create a​ good strategy that will work.

#3 - if​ you are the type to​ ask for more than what you put in...

There is​ a​ main product that the Free1Up system promotes. It's called the “Ad System” and it​ can be pricey ($400 at​ the time of​ this writing), but fortunately, for the persistent and serious Free1Up member, this money is​ earned back in​ only 2 sales. But let's go back to​ what you are trying to​ do in​ Free1Up. You are promoting the “Ad System”, because that is​ what's going to​ make you money. You can choose to​ stay a​ Free member and still earn money by selling the Ad System, but how effective can you be at​ selling something that you haven't purchased yourself? True, not every car salesman has every car in​ the lot that he or​ she is​ selling, but I'm sure they own an​ automobile of​ some sort, and it's a​ broad enough topic that someone can know everything about a​ specific automobile and not own it. Unfortunately, with the “Ad System” being such a​ unique and exclusive product to​ Free1Up, it​ is​ hard to​ know much about the specifics unless you own it.

So I'll go back to​ the price of​ the product. Why would you want to​ shuffle out $400 for something you don't know the “specifics” about? Just as​ I mentioned earlier, it​ would only take two sales to​ earn the money back (you get 50% commission for selling the “Ad System”), so it​ is​ a​ relatively easy task for someone that is​ (once again) persistent, and serious about making money online.

But don't get me wrong when I say “sales”. It's definitely not the field for everyone. I don't think I could convince my next door neighbor to​ buy a​ box of​ girl-scout cookies, much less a​ $400 “Ad System”. That is​ where Free1Up support comes in. The support system in​ Free1Up is​ absolutely amazing and is​ the #1 way to​ free up all skepticism about whether or​ not Free1Up is​ a​ “scam”. Once you sign up for free, you can go into the back office and talk live with either Richard Morris (the founder of​ Free1Up, if​ he is​ in​ a​ conference call at​ the time), or​ his Live Sales Executives (LSE)--which are available 24/7. They are all very knowledgeable and can help with any questions you may have about the system. Not to​ mention, Richard holds three conference calls per week, giving news updates on Free1Up and answering questions. But I got a​ little off-track, let's go back to​ the “sales” aspect of​ the program.

Not a​ salesman? It's perfectly fine because not only do the LSEs in​ the Live Support Chat help YOU with any questions you may have, you can direct people that signed up free under you to​ an​ LSE, and they will do all the “selling” for you. So let's say, for instance, someone signed up for free (not to​ much to​ ask, right?) from your page, which makes them YOUR prospect. You don't know what to​ say to​ them to​ convince them to​ purchase the “Ad System”, so you just direct them to​ the support chat room and an​ LSE (it's best to​ give them a​ head's up that you will be sending someone their way) will do all the talking for you. if​ they decide to​ upgrade, you get the money, and the LSE gets, well...nothing but the satisfaction in​ knowing that they helped someone out. Sound fishy? Check it​ out for yourself.

I'll close this review by saying that Free1Up is​ not for everyone. It's not for those who are unwilling to​ put some time into their business, and those who are not serious about making an​ income online. But on the other end of​ the spectrum, if​ you are serious about making money online, or​ are new to​ online business and want to​ make some money from home, it​ doesn't get any easier, or​ legitimate than Free1Up.

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