Free Weights Or Weightlifting Machines To Build Bigger Muscles

Free Weights or​ Weightlifting Machines To Build Bigger Muscles?
Are free weights such as​ dumbbells and​ barbells are more superior to​ weightlifting machines for building bigger muscles? Well,​ both free weights and​ weightlifting machines have its own pros and​ cons. ​

•Advantages of​ weightlifting machines
a Excellent for beginners because it​ is​ not so intimidating and​ the​ range of​ motion is​ fixed,​ so a​ bodybuilding novice need not wonder whether he is​ lifting correctly to​ target a​ muscle group.
b Easy to​ use as​ machines usually have instructions on​ them.
c Safer it​ won’t drop on​ you in​ a​ middle of​ a​ lift.
d Isolate your muscles so that you can rest your injured body part and​ yet able to​ workout other muscle part.
•Disadvantages of​ Weightlifting Machines
a Increase injury risks since the​ range of​ motion is​ fixed and​ repeated workout will place tremendous stress on​ the​ same joints,​ tendons and​ muscles because you are lifting on​ a​ fixed pathway.
b Because of​ its isolation of​ muscles,​ your workout hit only the​ targeted muscles with little involvement of​ supporting or​ synergistic thus your muscle gains will be slower and​ less balanced.
c Since weight lifting machines have fixed configuration,​ your workout does not factor in​ your body frame and​ structure. ​
Whether you have a​ big or​ small built,​ narrow or​ wide shoulders,​ you will be using the​ same pathway range of​ motion and​ width of​ grip. ​
This will raise your chances of​ being injured as​ well as​ poorer muscle development.
•Advantages of​ free weights
a More stabilizing muscles synergistic muscles are involved. ​
So you are actually exercising more muscles and​ therefore will develop more muscle growth and​ strength.
b Improve your balance and​ muscle coordination since you need to​ balance the​ weights during your lift and​ this call on​ many muscles to​ do so. ​
So your muscle coordination and​ sense of​ balance will naturally improve.
c Convenient and​ inexpensive since you need not join a​ gym and​ free weights are much less expensive than machines.
•Disadvantages of​ free weights
a Increase injury risks if ​ lifting with wrong form and​ technique.
b Time consuming because you need to​ bring the​ weights from one area to​ another or​ physically taking time to​ adjust,​ add or​ decrease weights.
So which is​ better for building bigger and​ well balanced muscles? Yup,​ free weight takes the​ cake over weight lifting machines for building muscles faster and​ bigger. ​
However,​ since both weightlifting machines and​ free weights have its own advantages and​ disadvantages,​ you can then weigh the​ pros and​ cons to​ use machines or​ free weights for your workouts or​ even a​ combination of​ both to​ suit your personal requirements.

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