Free Webhosting

Free Webhosting

People say that the​ best things in​ life are free and​ this could be quite true for​ many aspects of​ life. the​ basic necessities such as​ air, sunlight, among many other things are still accessible to​ people without bills or​ tag prices.

But there are many great things in​ life that you really need to​ pay for​ in​ order to​ acquire. This is​ true mostly with new
stuff like gadgets, cars, and​ whatnot.

To get the​ best, you have to​ shell out some money. When it​ comes to​ webhosting this may be true because free webhosting services are great for​ a​ small site starting out.

However once a​ site gets busy and​ is​ growing, the​ free option is​ not really recommended, particularly for​ ecommerce websites. the​ reason why is​ because free webhosting companies usually cannot provide three important things: a​ good up-time guarantee, good support turnaround time, and​ quality customer service. You get what you pay for.

Good and​ Realistic Up-time Guarantee

A good webhosting service should be able to​ provide a​ realistic up-time guarantee. While most free webhosting services may indeed promise to​ keep your website throughout the​ year, they usually do not have enough resources to​ guarantee this.

Free webhosting services are a​ bargain for​ a​ small hobby site, but are bound to​ be subject to​ glitches and​ technical problems and​ you cannot really complain as​ much since your not paying for​ their service anyway. the​ service is​ free and​ ranting does not make much of​ a​ difference unlike for​ paid companies who see you as​ a​ customer that should be king (or queen) rather than just a​ free member.

Of course paid webhosting services may also be subject to​ some technical glitches – they do get downtime sometimes, but since they have more resources to​ deal with problems, they can guarantee a​ better downtime than free services. Plus since you are paying you can demand customer service. Realistically, paid webhosting services may not be able to​ guarantee 100% downtime, but they can guarantee up to​ 99.9% downtime, which is​ pretty good compared to​ how much free services can promise. Because of​ this, free webhosting services are not really recommended especially for​ business websites that require their sites to​ be up and​ running at​ all times, or​ at​ least 99% of​ the​ time.

Good Support Turnaround Time

Another important thing that a​ webhosting service should make available for​ their clients is​ a​ good support turnaround time. Webhosting services should be able to​ respond to​ your inquiries as​ fast as​ possible. if​ you encounter problems like downtime and​ send an​ inquiry or​ request to​ your web host, you need them to​ respond immediately, or​ else your website and​ your business might be compromised.

You might not be able to​ expect this from free services. You didn't pay so why should they jump when you say so? at​ the​ most you can expect them to​ have only web-based or​ email inquiry aside from a​ preset troubleshooting FAQ page. While these could suffice for​ minor problems, they may not work for​ dire situations where you need immediate action.

Only paid companies could guarantee good support turnaround time because they are the​ only ones who can usually afford to​ hire support staff to​ work around the​ clock. Most paid webhosting companies have 24-hour support teams that could help you practically anytime unlike free services who probably only have voluntary teams that work from time-to-time.

Quality Customer Service

The above is​ very much connected to​ the​ quality of​ support service. You should be able to​ obtain a​ high quality of​ customer service from your web host. Not only should they be able to​ respond to​ you fast when you have problems, they should also be able to​ provide you with useful answers that can actually fix your dilemmas.

Free services usually do not have customer service personnel who are specifically trained to​ troubleshoot problems. Again, they might just have volunteers who provide services when they can, but they most likely do not work in​ an​ established customer service system that paid services implement. But hey, the​ free price is​ right.

Paid services actually hire and​ train people to​ work on customer service specifically. They are bound to​ be ready to​ help you when you have problems, and​ they are highly skilled to​ give practical and​ effective solutions to​ most, if​ not all of​ the​ glitches you might encounter.

Free stuff are always welcome because money is​ indeed useful to​ hang onto, however there are important things that you cannot really just cut corners about. if​ you own a​ business website, it​ is​ not recommended for​ you to​ get free webhosting services.

You might get something good for​ something free but you cannot always be sure that you would get what you need for​ your business. Free webshosting is​ great for​ a​ hobby or​ family site or​ something simple. But when you get busy and​ professional you need to​ switch to​ some professional webhosting too.

Free Webhosting

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