Free Web Hosting Is It For You

If you are a​ newcomer in​ the​ land of​ the​ WWW or​ World Wide Web, you definitely must be wondering about many aspects of​ the​ functioning of​ the​ web and​ what are the​ best possible ways to​ project your website or​ domain on the​ Internet. the​ best bet for​ starters, of​ course, if​ ‘free web hosting’.

Free web hosting is​ good, if​ you are new and​ want to​ learn the​ ropes first hand. it​ is​ definitely not a​ good idea if​ you are starting a​ business. So, what do you get with a​ free web hosting provider?

First of​ all you will get a​ web space on the​ net FREE of​ COST. This is​ quite a​ big plus point. Another plus point is​ that it​ will provide you with a​ free email account in​ most cases. the​ downside would be that you will not have the​ permission to​ have your domain name. You cannot get any technical support for​ your database, nor can you accept advertisements.

Hence, if​ you are hosting your web just to​ post out a​ few ideas, a​ hobby broadcast site, or​ similar things, and​ then definitely you can choose a​ free web-hosting provider. Free web hosting is​ good for​ those with low traffic. for​ example you may like to​ have your website so your friends and​ family can access and​ exchange ideas with you. or​ just plain curious to​ see how things work out when you are out there, posting on the​ Internet.

It is​ definitely not advisable for​ a​ person who wants to​ run or​ launch a​ business on the​ net, however rosy the​ free web-hosting provider would paint it. No free web-hosting provider will offer you free traffic transfer space and​ hence your business will be doomed, or​ you will end up with huge traffic transfer charges. So also, you would loose out in​ terms of​ visitors if​ and​ when the​ server is​ not up to​ the​ mark and​ has an​ uptime less than 95%. Poor technical support would be another major obstacle if​ you have heavy traffic to​ your website, as​ any interruption would frustrate your visitors chasing them away from your website.

Besides, the​ point that would decide anyone who runs a​ web-based business NOT to​ choose a​ free web hosting, is​ that the​ company would look cheap and​ amateurish. the​ host of​ your free website will impose advertisements on your website, which you may not like. There are a​ lot of​ downside points. a​ few are enumerated below:

•No tech support
•No guarantee on server uptime
•No free traffic transfer space
•No access to​ cgi and/or perl script
•No advertisement for​ money can be hosted on your free website
•No sub-directories
•No secure server for​ credit card payments
•Very low SEO visibility as​ search engines bypass free sites often

Having gone through the​ above, I still reiterate that for​ beginners who want to​ see what it​ looks like to​ be on the​ web, for​ those who want to​ share things with family and​ friends, and​ for​ hobby purposes, free web hosting is​ a​ good option. for​ any other reason, by all means go for​ a​ professional web hosting service.

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