Free Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips Step By Step

Free Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips Step By Step

There are so many websites all over the​ internet so it’s essential to​ promote and optimize your website. a​ new website needs to​ be visible to​ search engines. Before submitting your site to​ search engines it​ is​ very important to​ optimize your website. if​ you​ can not afford a​ search engine optimization service,​ make sure to​ follow our few search engine optimization tips to​ have your web site well optimized for the​ top placement in​ search engines.

Step 1. - Analyze your competition
The best way to​ start optimizing your web site is​ analyze your competition. Take a​ look at​ the​ web pages that currently have top rankings (Top 10) on​ Google for targeted keywords and try to​ find out what these pages have done to​ get these rankings.
- analyze the​ first top ten web sites related to​ your branch
- analyze keywords they are using
- look at​ their source code,​ meta tags
- look at​ their keyword density
- look at​ their comment tag,​ alt tags,​ title tag
- internal and external links on​ their websites
- look how many sites linking to​ them
- check out the​ quality and link popularity of​ sites that are linking to​ your competitors
- look how many pages they have
After all you​ can tell is​ it​ easy to​ beat your competition or​ it​ is​ not.

Step 2. - Start to​ improve your website with quality content
When optimizing your website always use keyword in​ the​ meta tags which are reflected in​ your page. it​ is​ not going to​ help your search engine ranking if​ the​ page has nothing to​ do with the​ topic.

Step 3. Choose the​ right keywords.
As mentioned before,​ analyze your competition but never use the​ same keyword and description tag. There are two great resources for finding out the​ most effective keywords. - Overture - WordTracker

Step 4.Creating meta tags - TITLE Tag
The most important tag is​ the​ Title tag,​ because it​ is​ in​ the​ head section of​ your website and many search engines use it. Title tag should be short (about 14 words),​ descriptive and to​ the​ point. the​ title is​ appeared on​ first line in​ the​ search engines.

Step 5. Creating meta tags - DESCRIPTION Tag the​ next important meta tag is​ description tag. it​ describes content of​ your web page
- shouldn’t be longer than 120 characters
- description is​ for the​ search engines not for the​ viewers to​ see

Step 6. Creating meta tags - KEYWORD Tag
- use the​ most important keywords that your website represents
- we recommend to​ use 5 keywords separated by a​ commas
- one keyword should have 1 - 3 words

Step 7.Creating meta tags - ROBOT Tags

Step 8. - Check your website URL before submit to​ search engines.
Your website should be finished without errors:
- no broken links
- no spelling mistakes
- have a​ good design
- no html tag mistakes
- have a​ site map

Step 9. - Submit your website to​ search engines
Submit your website into the​ most important search engines,​ it​ brings you​ the​ most of​ traffic. Make sure to​ submit your URL for free to​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​ Open Directory (The ODP powers core directory services for some the​ most popular portals and search engines on​ the​ Web,​ including AOL Search,​ Netscape Search,​ Google directory,​ Yahoo directory,​ Lycos,​ DirectHit,​ and HotBot,​ MSN and hundreds of​ others). DMOZ and Yahoo Directory listings are tremendously valuable. There are a​ lot more free and paid search engines and directories to​ submit,​ but if​ you​ do not have time to​ search for and submit,​ you​ can also use our search engine submission service.

Step 10. - Build your link popularity (offpage optimization)
Next significant step you​ should do with your website is​ build your link popularity. Link Popularity is​ the​ number and quality of​ other websites that link to​ your site. Top rankings depend on​ your link popularity. it​ can be done with creating a​ quality non-reciprocal and reciprocal links from related web sites and Internet directories,​ blogs,​ forum sites …

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