Free Rental Insurance

Free Rental Insurance

When you​ need to​ rent a​ car,​ one of​ the​ most important things to​ do is​ make sure you​ have insurance. in​ the​ event of​ a​ theft or​ an​ accident in​ which the​ vehicle is​ written off,​ you​ must cover the​ excess value of​ the​ vehicle. This can amount to​ several thousands of​ dollars that will be added to​ your rental bill!

Some credit card companies offer special plans when you​ use their cards to​ pay for rental vehicles. One of​ these plans is​ the​ Damage Waiver Benefit,​ and it​ provides extra coverage for your rental vehicle. the​ Damage Waiver Benefit is​ designed specifically to​ aid you​ in​ the​ event of​ theft or​ an​ accident involving your rental car. the​ cost of​ the​ coverage is​ waived for all cardholders provided they meet a​ general set of​ conditions. This excess coverage means that you’re insured in​ the​ event that your rental vehicle is​ stolen or​ the​ car is​ in​ a​ bad accident. This may also cover the​ public liability portion of​ the​ accident and insurance as​ well. the​ coverage is​ for the​ policyholder who is​ usually also the​ renter and driver of​ the​ car. These optional waivers can be purchased to​ reduce or​ eliminate any financial exposure you​ may encounter,​ including the​ entire value of​ the​ vehicle and all rental revenue lost during its replacement period.

Some car clubs and driver associations also offer this form of​ extra coverage to​ their members,​ but this coverage isn’t free of​ charge. For an​ annual fee,​ which varies among companies,​ the​ same level of​ extra protection can be enjoyed. This offers peace of​ mind to​ occasional and frequent car renters alike. They advertise that the​ cost of​ the​ annual premium can be saved in​ a​ single month’s rental,​ but not everyone rents cars by the​ month. This is​ an​ excellent plan for those people and businesses that rent several vehicles at​ a​ time or​ many in​ a​ month. the​ extra coverage ensures that there will be no surprises when it​ comes time to​ pay the​ rental fee.

Many plans also offer coverage for a​ locksmith,​ should you​ lock yourself out of​ your vehicle. the​ usual towing charges to​ the​ nearest repair facility are also generally covered by these plans.

Some plans have stipulations as​ to​ the​ how long the​ vehicle will be rented. Most will not pay for coverage after thirty consecutive days of​ rental,​ and most passenger cars,​ minivans,​ and sport utility vehicles are covered,​ but some restrictions apply. Luxury,​ exotic,​ and antique automobiles and some types of​ vans and vehicles with open cargo beds are generally not covered under this sort of​ plan.

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