Free Psychic Reading

Free Psychic Reading
You know you have seen the ads, but what is​ a​ free psychic reading really going to​ give you? How do you even know the person you are contacting is​ psychically gifted? Would someone give out a​ free psychic reading if​ they really didn’t know the answers you are seeking? Those are all hard questions, and there are many people out there that want to​ take advantage of​ you when you are at​ your weakest moments .​
They know that when you want answers, you will do whatever it​ takes to​ get them, and they offer to​ you the free psychic reading.
I do believe there are people out there with psychic abilities, but I​ don’t think there are as​ many as​ people would like you to​ believe .​
How do I​ know this? It’s common sense really, but I​ will tell you it​ took me a​ long time to​ figure out what I​ believed and what I​ did not believe .​
I​ don’t like to​ think something isn’t really just because I​ don’t understand it, or​ I​ don’t have any proof it​ exists .​
So in​ order to​ find out, I​ found three websites that offered a​ free psychic reading and submitted a​ question to​ each of​ them.
When I​ finally got all of​ my responses, there was one thing in​ common .​
They didn’t tell me anything .​
One left me so baffled I​ had to​ return the email to​ ask her to​ be clearer .​
She fired off a​ rather harsh email in​ return saying that if​ I​ wanted to​ know more, I​ had to​ pay .​
Know more? I​ didn’t know anything .​
Her answer was pure gibberish .​
The other two were better, but they didn’t tell me anything other than that my problem was ‘complicated’ and I​ needed to​ pay for their service to​ get my answers .​
Of course, what was I​ thinking?
If you want to​ try a​ free psychic reading, you are free to​ do as​ you want .​
Just remember that you don’t know if​ you are contacting someone who is​ truly gifted, or​ if​ you are getting someone who knows what you want to​ hear, and has the skill needed to​ reel you in​ as​ a​ paying customer .​
If you get a​ free psychic reading and all they give you is​ something very vague, and then they say you should get one of​ their paid readings to​ get a​ more in-depth answer, you know you are being had .​
Move on.

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