Free Or Paid Web Hosting

Just finished your first website? So it's the​ time to​ look for​ some hosting and​ make a​ choise. Your first qustion probably will be whether to​ choose free or​ paid hosting service. Let's have a​ look at​ some advantages and​ disadvantages of​ these solutions.

Free web hosting:
(+) It's for​ free. You don't need to​ pay for​ domain name.
(-) Your URL will be something like or​ as​ I noticed above, the​ advantage is​ that you don't need to​ pay for​ domain. But note that if​ you move your website to​ another provider in​ the​ future you can loose some or​ all your traffic (there are some solutions how to​ solve this problem but it​ is​ not the​ point of​ this article).
(-) Your provider will probably include ads to​ your pages - usually 1 or​ 2 banners, sometimes popup windows. if​ you plan to​ use banner exchange on your site read carefully their Terms and​ conditions. Some free hosts doesn't allow it.
(-) Free hosts usually allow lower bandwidth then paid hosts and​ a​ lot of​ them don't offer futures like PHP and​ MySQL.
(-) a​ lot of​ free hosts change their Terms and​ conditions during some time. if​ your free host offers hosting wihtout ads now, don't be surprised when banner or​ popup appears on your site in​ the​ future.
(-) Sometimes happens that free hosts cancel their free service and​ longer offer paid hosting only. in​ this case you have only 2 choises - pay them or​ loose your website.

Paid web hosting:
(+) You can host your own domain. if​ you decide to​ change the​ web hosting provider in​ the​ future, you easily transfer the​ domain to​ the​ new provider and​ don't loose your traffic.
(+) Most paid hosts offer 24/7 support via email or​ live chat and​ some of​ them provide toll-free phone support.
(+) You can expect better uptime then on free host. Some paid hosts offer uptime guarantee.
(+) Paid hosts usually offer enough disk space and​ bandwidth. Futures like PHP and​ MySQL are standard. Even if​ you are not programmer you can download plenty of​ free PHP scripts from internet.
(-) Paid hosting cost money :o)

Before you make the​ decision if​ choose free or​ paid host you should answer this question: How big ambitions do I have with my website? if​ you are starting small personal page for​ your friends consist of​ a​ few *.html files then free host will be sufficient. in​ case you plan to​ run serious business website, need PHP, database and​ don't want ads on the​ site I recommend to​ look for​ quality paid host.

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