Free Internet Advertising Unwritten Rules Of Internet Forums

Free Internet Advertising Unwritten Rules Of Internet Forums

Free Internet advertising is​ sought after by most Internet marketers and​ one readily available source of​ free Internet advertising is​ the​ Internet forum. for​ Internet marketing novices, I'll briefly explain how free Internet advertising is​ obtained from Internet forums.

Basically, Internet forums are message boards where members can exchange information, obtain advice or​ just chat. There are Internet forums to​ cater for​ every topic you​ would care to​ imagine and a​ few you​ would probably prefer not to​ dwell on. the​ Internet marketer advertises his product simply by posting messages on​ the​ forums. There are some Internet forums that forbid the​ posting of​ advertisements but, on​ many of​ these forums, it​ is​ still possible to​ obtain free Internet advertising by use of​ a​ signature file. the​ signature file is​ a​ short piece of​ text which can contain a​ link to​ a​ website and​ which can be annexed to​ every posting a​ member makes on​ a​ forum message board.

If you​ have never tried forums as​ a​ source of​ free Internet advertising, you​ should bear in​ mind that there is​ an​ unwritten code of​ etiquette which need to​ be observed. the​ following are some of​ the​ unwritten rules which need to​ be followed if​ you​ intend to​ use forums for​ free Internet advertising for​ your business.

Read the​ Forum Rules

You need to​ read the​ rules of​ any Internet forum before you​ try to​ post a​ message there. I know this sounds obvious but it​ is​ clear that many forum users don't bother to​ read the​ rules, despite the​ fact that the​ forum registration process inevitably includes a​ requirement for​ the​ applicant to​ check a​ box indicating that the​ forum rules have been read and​ will be adhered to. Don't just sign up with the​ idea of​ getting as​ much free Internet advertising as​ possible from the​ forum. Many forums prohibit the​ posting of​ affiliate urls anywhere apart from in​ the​ members' forum signature file. if​ you​ become a​ member of​ one of​ these forums without reading the​ rules and​ start posting your affiliate urls in​ messages, you​ will quickly find yourself labelled a​ "spammer". in​ case you​ didn't know, spammers are considered to​ be the​ lowest of​ the​ low on​ the​ Internet. if​ there was a​ virtual prison for​ Internet crime, Internet advertising spammers would have to​ be kept in​ solitary confinement for​ their own protection.

Lurk Before you​ Leap

Internet forum etiquette demands that you​ spend a​ little time "lurking" ie logging in​ at​ the​ forum and​ reading previous and​ current threads before you​ even think of​ starting to​ use the​ forum for​ free Internet advertising. Although lurking is​ not an​ official rule of​ Internet forums, it​ is​ largely accepted as​ an​ essential part of​ the​ unwritten code of​ behaviour. the​ practice is​ very useful. Lurking will enable you​ to​ get the​ feel of​ how a​ forum works, you​ will be able to​ ascertain the​ tone of​ the​ messages, the​ type of​ subject matter which is​ welcomed and​ the​ level of​ expertise of​ other forum members. you​ might even find that a​ particular forum is​ not for​ you​ and​ this could save you​ the​ embarrassment of​ posting an​ inappropriate message on​ the​ forum.

Be Subtle

You know that you​ are visiting the​ forum merely for​ the​ free Internet advertising for​ your website but it​ is​ better not to​ make this obvious if​ you​ want other members to​ react well to​ your advertising. Forums are rather like private clubs where members strike up friendships and​ make business deals. if​ you​ rush in​ waving your "FREE INTERNET ADVERTISING" placard you​ will not become popular, other members will consider you​ to​ be an​ abuser of​ their "club". you​ will do much better if​ you​ quietly introduce yourself and​ keep the​ free Internet advertising down to​ a​ whisper in​ your signature file.

Remember Your Manners

How hard is​ it​ to​ say "thank you"? if​ you​ visit a​ forum and​ receive valuable advice which helps you​ in​ some way, take a​ moment to​ post a​ brief message of​ thanks to​ your advisor. if​ someone helped you​ out of​ a​ spot in​ the​ bricks and​ mortar world you​ would thank them. Remember that people who post on​ Internet forums are real too and​ they are under no obligation to​ help you. it​ is​ as​ easy to​ make a​ friend with a​ warm 't have any specialist knowledge, you​ will find occasions when you​ can pass on​ good advice. if​ you​ received advice that took you​ to​ a​ solution, post a​ message to​ say how the​ advice helped and​ what steps you​ followed to​ sort things out, this will act as​ a​ signpost for​ other people who might find themselves in​ similar difficulties. Even though you​ joined the​ forum with the​ idea of​ using it​ merely as​ a​ form of​ free Internet advertising, make time to​ give something back. People will be more inclined to​ take an​ interest in​ your advertising if​ you​ become known as​ a​ helpful type. What goes around comes around and, in​ any event, the​ reputation of​ being a​ problem-solver is​ a​ bit of​ free Internet advertising in​ its own right.

Be Moderate

The majority of​ Internet forums have moderators to​ ensure that members stick to​ the​ rules. the​ job of​ a​ forum moderator is​ to​ keep the​ content of​ the​ forum appropriate. Remember, it​ is​ not just a​ place where you​ can indulge in​ free Internet advertising, so keep your messages within the​ forum rules. Any graffiti posted by members will be cleaned up by the​ moderators so that the​ forum environment is​ preserved for​ all members to​ enjoy. if​ you​ wish to​ retain the​ respect of​ your fellow forum members, make sure your posts never need to​ be cleaned up, be your own moderator. as​ well as​ sticking to​ the​ forum rules on​ content, you​ should also keep your messages moderate in​ tone. the​ Chambers dictionary includes the​ following definitions of​ "moderate": kept within measure or​ bounds; not excessive or​ extreme; temperate. if​ you​ avoid drama and​ pathos in​ your forum posting and​ keep your messages moderate, you​ will not attract "flamers" and​ you​ can quietly enjoy your free Internet advertising.

Ration Your Reading

Internet forums can be addictive. There is​ a​ serious danger that you​ might log in​ to​ a​ forum with the​ idea of​ posting a​ message or​ two in​ order to​ get your daily ration of​ free Internet advertising but, the​ next thing you​ know is​ that half an​ hour has passed by while you​ have been engrossed in​ reading. There is​ nothing inherently wrong with spending time reading posts made by other forum members, it's free entertainment and​ that's fine. the​ problem is​ that, if​ you​ are trying to​ run an​ Internet marketing business and​ you​ lose yourself on​ forums for​ half an​ hour every day, you​ will be wasting something like half a​ day during the​ course of​ each week for​ the​ sake of​ posting a​ couple of​ links back to​ your website. That is​ not an​ economical use of​ your time. in​ fact, if​ you​ account for​ the​ value of​ your time, you​ will find you​ are actually paying a​ high price for​ your free Internet advertising on​ forums.

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