Free Computer Games

Free Computer Games

When the​ computer game revolution began,​ users were enthralled with the​ amazing new technology,​ but not so much with the​ selection. the​ industry was young,​ and there were relatively few computer games to​ choose from. Then,​ as​ popularity grew and technology advanced,​ the​ number of​ available computer games began to​ increase.

Today,​ entire teams of​ programmers,​ game designers,​ musicians and artists collaborate to​ make the​ industry fun,​ exciting and profitable. There are literally thousands of​ themes and titles readily available for virtually every imaginable genre. Game prices average at​ $40 or​ more. Big marketers of​ computer games now offer "shareware",​ or​ sample software that lets users try it​ before they buy it.

Another money-saving option for compute game fans is​ the​ option to​ play games online for free. There are so many free computer games available to​ play online,​ it's guaranteed that you'll find something you like. From basic to​ advanced,​ easy to​ skilled,​ classic titles to​ hot new releases,​ you'll find what you need for some free fun online. There are so many titles available online,​ you have to​ wonder why they are there for free.

Hundreds of​ free computer games are online. Here is​ just a​ sample of​ what's available to​ download or​ play:

* America's Army: Your mission is​ to​ surpass the​ rainbow six series. the​ subject of​ this online computer game is​ about busting terrorists.

* Beneath a​ Steel Sky: an​ outstanding racing game with interesting details to​ keep the​ player occupied.

* Colossus: Powerful mythical creatures capture player's hearts. Kids to​ college geeks.

* Falcon's Eye: Great graphics. You don't want to​ miss any of​ these details.

* Grand Theft Auto (and its sequels): This game conquered the​ world big time,​ and it's available free online.

* Orbiter: a​ space shuttle fight simulator that can handle anything on​ earth,​ or​ in​ outer space. Interesting effects.

* Return to​ Castle Wolfenstein: Thirty-two players battle in​ a​ campaign pitting their skills against each other. Part of​ the​ game is​ the​ introduction of​ new characters that are vital to​ the​ teamwork that is​ a​ part of​ the​ game.

* Stair Dismount and Truck Dismount: This is​ an​ insane game that keeps players preoccupied. Do the​ most possible damage to​ a​ crash test dummy by placing it​ in​ front of​ a​ speeding truck or​ kicking it​ down a​ flight of​ stairs.

* Steel Panthers; World at​ War: This may be the​ best tactical game about WWII.

Here are some other free computer games that are worth looking into:

* Ancient Domains of​ Mystery Pekka Kana 2,​ and Abuse 2: Games for side scrolling action lovers.

* the​ Ardennes Offensive: Great interface,​ good strategy. Vantage Master Online--Free computer game on​ RPG.

* Little Fighter 2: a​ little fighter gets involved in​ big battles.

* Notrium: Solve puzzles to​ escape a​ hostile planet.

* Stick Soldiers 2: Not the​ most sophisticated graphics,​ but still a​ great play.

* Wazza: Perfect for anyone who wants to​ play like an​ outer space pirate.

Every computer game that becomes available has a​ market segment that it​ aims to​ capture. Depending on​ how they're perceived,​ every game offers good play. the​ best part is,​ now you don't have to​ buy every game that interests you. Sooner or​ later,​ it​ can come out in​ the​ free computer games section.

Personal computers are constantly being upgraded to​ be faster,​ stronger and with better video and sound capabilities. These upgrades are not to​ help people in​ their occupations or​ daily tasks,​ but to​ be able to​ handle all of​ the​ new game software that's constantly hitting the​ market.

When a​ new game becomes available that you just can't wait to​ try,​ hold on​ for just a​ little while. it​ will soon be available to​ play free on​ your computer,​ and with today's advanced technology,​ it​ will definitely be worth the​ wait.

Free Computer Games

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