Free Classified Ads Submission Guide

Free Classified Ads Submission Guide

The best part of​ being a​ web site owner - or​ webmaster, or​ site stakeholder - is​ the ability to​ publish on the world wide web your latest offering. And the cheapest - if​ not the freest - is​ through the various classified ads on the Internet.

You can publish your ads through a​ number of​ means. One is​ by manually submitting your ads. Another is​ by using some free submission program. Still another is​ downloading some demo submission software.

You can acess the free ads submission sites or​ demo programs by doing a​ Google search. or​ you can email me for my suggestions. Whichever you choose, it​ requires some work on your part.

But there is​ a​ difficult part to​ this. One of​ the most daunting tasks of​ an​ Internet-based entrepreneur like you, whether you are experienced or​ a​ newbie, is​ to​ find high traffic classified ad sites to​ post your ads.

The purpose is​ always - and has ever been - to​ increase your web site traffic. as​ you know, more site visitors means more revenue.

Your problem is​ made more difficult by the mushrooming of​ free classified ad web sites on the Net. Which sites among the hundreds, nay thousands, to​ submit your ads and links?

The purpose of​ this article is​ first, to​ provide a​ no-nonsense guide to​ web site owners and webmasters as​ to​ the best places on the web to​ submit your ads and URLs. Second, this article gives a​ fair warning to​ all and sundry to​ be very careful about buying ad submission services and programs.

As for the scam submission services and fake submission software, there is​ a​ warning in​ Latin that says, "Caveat Emptor," or​ let the buyer beware. You have to​ do your own due diligence to​ outsmart the sellers of​ these lemon submission services and unworkable submission programs.

Some of​ these ineffective submission services and software are aggressively being promoted on the web. You should therefore be wary of​ taking a​ bite on these services and programs.

As an​ example, sometime late last year, one of​ these inferior submission programs was advertised on the website of​ a​ leading internet marketer. So many words were said about the product. And yet so negligible the results. This early in​ 2018, you read other lemon submission programs on the web.

For the honest-to-goodness ad submission sites, your problem is​ how to​ locate them. The web sites that are getting higher traffic are generally preferred. But which web sites to​ submit to, among the thousands out there? as​ they say, it's like looking for a​ needle in​ a​ haystack.

With due diligence and research, however, you can locate these better classified ad sites. These are noteworthy web sites to​ submit your classified ads and URLs for free.

If you cannot do a​ research of​ your own, you can find other people who have done some research on the subject and who can give you tips on where to​ submit your ads.

I have done some research of​ my own, too. Some of​ the sites I have discovered are featured in​ my web page at​

Submitting your ads to​ a​ few but highly visited ad sites will spell a​ difference in​ your profit position. I suggest using a​ different email address for your ads submission.

You will find immediately below a​ listing of​ various web sites where you can place your ads for free.

A complete listing of​ free ads submission sites is​ available at​

Good luck to​ your ad posting!

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