Free Casino Chips

Free Casino Chips

When you play online casino games a​ lot then you must have the​ understanding of​ free casino chips in​ the​ proper context like whether they are coming from the​ honest online casinos. Online casinos are new to​ the​ field as​ compared to​ the​ brick and mortar casinos and just have a​ decade history behind them. Though the​ online casinos just began to​ entertain players ten years ago,​ now there are more than hundreds of​ casinos you can found online. This however,​ does not stop millions of​ players through out the​ world to​ play casino games from online. From estimation there are more than seven million players worldwide who spends approximately $12 billion in​ a​ year in​ the​ online casinos. This however raises a​ question whether online casinos use free chips or​ not.

There are four different types of​ casino chips that are used for the​ online casino players. They are no deposit bonus,​ matching deposit bonus,​ un-cashable bonus,​ and loyalty bonus.

- The ‘no deposit bonus’ is​ simply a​ free money. These are offered by honest online casinos in​ order to​ attract players to​ play at​ their virtual tables. These chips do not have any strings attached to​ it​ or​ sometimes minor strings attached such as​ the​ casino might ask you for credit card details for up front. You have to​ ensure that you read all the​ terms.

- The ‘Matching Deposit Bonus’ is​ the​ bonus where the​ house will match your deposits. Sometimes this will do in​ multiples. For example when the​ casino offers 200% bonus then it​ will provide the​ player $200 when he deposits $100 in​ the​ account. This is​ an​ interesting option for the​ players who are new to​ the​ casinos.

- The Un-cashable bonus is​ also known as​ sticky bonus. the​ player can never cash the​ bonus but it​ will remain in​ your account and this way enables you to​ use the​ bonus account to​ leverage the​ higher wagers. This is​ just to​ allow the​ player to​ do things that he could not without chips.

- Loyalty bonus is​ provided to​ players by the​ online casinos when the​ player is​ a​ good customer to​ the​ casino and in​ a​ gesture to​ his loyalty the​ casino will offer him some bonuses such as​ free casino chips.

The free bonuses offered by the​ online casinos are just a​ trick to​ lure players and remain in​ the​ field with their counterparts in​ the​ brick and mortar casinos.

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