Franchise Opportunity What Is An Operators Manual

Franchise Opportunity What Is An Operators Manual

Every Franchise Opportunity comes with an​ Operators manual. This is​ the cornerstone of​ every franchise business. a​ well written and properly set out manual can easily make the difference between having a​ successful franchisee or​ a​ failure. Many franchisors do not dedicate as​ much time and effort in​ their operators manual as​ they should.

I believe that a​ franchise business operator’s manual has to​ have the following:

Detailed instructions on how to​ run and manage the business properly. Most franchisees do not come from business backgrounds and therefore need taught the basic skills of​ how to​ manage a​ business during their training programme. These guidelines should be laid down neatly and concisely in​ the operator’s manual.

Every aspect of​ running a​ business should be covered and zero assumptions should be made of​ the franchisees existing knowledge. This might make the manual bulky but it​ is​ definitely the right way to​ go. The franchisees will come to​ regard the operator’s manual as​ his bible and if​ the franchisor has covered every aspect of​ running the business then this is​ more likely to​ lead to​ successful franchisees.

As the franchise network grows the franchisor will have less time to​ spend to​ individual franchisees. Having more details in​ the operator’s manual will lead to​ less calls that have to​ be fielded by the franchisor. it​ is​ imperative that when a​ franchisee does make a​ call and asks a​ question that is​ already covered in​ the manual that he is​ taken to​ the correct page whilst on the phone. This will further reinforce in​ the franchisees mind the need to​ check the operator’s manual before making that call.

Every time a​ call is​ made where the answer is​ not covered in​ the manual then it​ is​ time to​ update it. Over time this will lead to​ a​ comprehensive “bible” that covers most of​ the day to​ day questions asked.

The manual should be broken down into at​ least two segments; the first segment should be purely for the franchisee and the second segment should be for the franchisee and the staff employed in​ the franchisees business. This is​ important because often the franchisee will not want the staff to​ know everything about the business. Some parts of​ the manual might cover aspects like how to​ deal with problem staff and disputes. Obviously this segment should only be for the franchisees benefit and not for the staff employed in​ the business.

Great care should be taken to​ create a​ definite structure to​ the manual so that the information within can easily be found and understood. The addition of​ pictures, graphics and diagrams will enhance the manual and make it​ easier to​ understand.

Often if​ the manual is​ too bulky, it​ is​ easier to​ have it​ in​ separate sections; examples of​ which could include: Administration, Marketing, Managing the Business etc. This will make it​ even easier to​ use.

The best way to​ provide updates to​ the franchisee is​ by having the manual loaded on a​ web page. a​ separate section should be created which just deals with regular updates. This way the franchise can easily update his manual without having to​ print a​ new one every time certain pages are modified or​ improved.

A well designed operator’s manual will lead to​ less headaches for the franchisor and ultimately to​ more successful franchisees. This in​ turn will lead to​ more enquiries for the franchise opportunity.

Franchise Opportunity What Is An Operators Manual

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