Franchise Opportunities No Experience Required

Franchise Opportunities No Experience Required

Many people think that because they didn’t go to​ college or​ have not worked for many years that their options for business ownership are very limited. However, that really isn’t the case at​ all. There are a​ lot of​ franchise opportunities available that do not require experience and they are perfect for individuals who have that entrepreneurial spirit, but just do not have the college degree or​ work experience. The following examples are just some of​ the franchise opportunities available that do not require experience.

Opportunity #1 Wacky Fun Factory Vending Franchise

This vending opportunity is​ wonderful for individuals who don’t have a​ college degree because it​ is​ easy to​ do, requires a​ small investment, and anyone can do it. The vending machines from Wacky Fun Factory are different than other machines so they are easy to​ locate and easy to​ operate. Making a​ good income with Wacky Fun Factory vending machines, whether you went to​ college or​ not, is​ entirely up to​ you!

Opportunity #2 Squeegee Squad Franchise

You can own a​ Squeegee Squad franchise with no college experience, but with plenty of​ real world experience. a​ Squeegee Squad requires no land, inventory or​ buildings and building the business is​ easy. Not to​ mention every day you work you get paid.

Opportunity #3 Pet Butler Franchise

This franchise is​ great for anybody who wants to​ be involved in​ the rapidly growing pet industry. Cleaning up pet waste is​ a​ growing industry and this franchise requires a​ total capital investment of​ $41,900 - $81,500 and liquid capital investment is​ $15,330 - $21,900. Third party financing is​ offered as​ well as​ training and support.

Opportunity #4 SeaMaster Cruises Franchise

This franchise is​ great for those without a​ college education but that are interested in​ the cruise industry. With a​ low capital investment of​ $9500 and training and support offered, individuals have the ability to​ take part in​ the popular cruise industry and make money from their home office.

These are just a​ few of​ the franchises available that don’t require extensive education or​ experience. There are a​ lot of​ them out there, many more than you might imagine. So, don’t think that just because you don’t have a​ formal education you can’t get ahead and buy a​ franchise, because you can!

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