Four Common Web Designing Mistakes

Four Common Web Designing Mistakes

Four Common Web Designing Mistakes
Web designing is​ not just about putting up a​ web site and​ hoping it​ will get enough traffic .​
And, while it​ is​ okay to​ reflect your personality through your web site, you need to​ remember that that is​ only a​ small part of​ web designing .​
Web designing is​ more about catering to​ your target audience and​ reflecting what it​ is​ they want to​ see .​
a​ person may stumble upon your website by pure accident but it​ is​ high-quality web designing that usually creates customer loyalty and​ keeps them coming back time and​ again.

Here then are four of​ the​ most common mistakes made by amateur web designers:
Bad Search
Search engines are fine tuned and​ tweaked to​ such an​ extent that, in​ a​ way, their usability has been reduced .​
Such search engines are sometimes unable to​ process hyphens, plurals or​ typos, creating problems for​ its various users especially the​ elderly .​
Since most Internet users depend on searches to​ find what they what, it​ is​ best to​ keep it​ simple and​ easy to​ use.

Use of​ PDF Files
Most people browsing the​ internet hate PDF files, preferring to​ skip the​ site altogether and​ it​ is​ easy to​ understand why .​
PDF files break the​ flow of​ internet browsing .​
They do not respond to​ standard browser commands and​ it​ is​ impossible to​ select data to​ save or​ print .​
To get even a​ tiny selection of​ data, the​ entire PDF file will have to​ be saved or​ printed.

Retaining the​ Color of​ Visited Links
Links are an​ important factor when navigating the​ internet .​
With no color difference between visited and​ unvisited links, internet browsers could find themselves re-visiting the​ same sites again and​ again .​
Web sites that look like advertisements
Most experienced web users have learnt to​ ignore banners, pop-ups, animation and​ any other flashing message that distracts them from their goal .​
Designing your web site to​ look like an​ advertisement only ensures that it​ will get shut down before it​ even loads on to​ the​ computer screen.

Four Common Web Designing Mistakes

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