Forums The Wonder Of Networking

Forums The Wonder Of Networking

Forums are the​ quintessential meeting place for​ personal networking because there is​ an​ unusual balance of​ comradery and​ friction that can make it​ an​ interesting and​ entertaining place to​ connect.

As a​ business owner you have the​ ability to​ empower your customers with the​ tools needed to​ network when you provide a​ forum – and​ the​ forum is​ primarily for​ their benefit, not yours. That’s not to​ say customers will make a​ mad dash to​ use the​ forum, but once the​ ice is​ broken you are allowing your customers to​ do what you are attempting to​ do – form connections and​ gain third party opinions.

We live in​ a​ world that is​ somewhat bent on disconnection. There was a​ time when some believed that by the​ 21st century we would be experiencing 20 hour workweeks. Why? Because technology would be so advanced that we wouldn’t have to​ work as​ hard.

I don’t know about you, but I’m working much harder than I was twenty years ago and​ sometimes I wonder if​ I have twenty hours a​ week to​ myself. Why? Because the​ technology sector has been able to​ conform to​ the​ potent need we have to​ connect with others and​ we are using the​ computer more than ever to​ connect.

Where once motorists used time on the​ freeway to​ listen to​ the​ news, sing songs, tell stories and​ play multiple games of​ ‘I spy’, now busy parents are on their Bluetooth finalizing plans, business details and​ family functions. Children are in​ the​ back seat watching a​ DVD, listening to​ an​ iPod or​ sending a​ text message.

It is​ this connection deprived world that allows forums to​ be a​ powerful tool for​ networking.

If you once were involved in​ a​ particular hobby and​ local enthusiasts met once a​ month this was often the​ extent of​ your connections related to​ the​ hobby. However, with forums you can connect multiple times daily if​ you like. You can gain access to​ people who share your enthusiasm from all walks of​ life and​ from throughout the​ world. Questions can be answered more readily and​ good news can be shared more quickly.

As a​ business owner you know what it’s like to​ forge networking connections. You know that value of​ business-to-business connections as​ well as​ consumer connections. By hosting a​ specific forum on your ecommerce website you are extending the​ welcome mat to​ connection deprived visitors to​ find value in​ your website.

With the​ growth of​ forum connections the​ site visitor will also likely experience a​ growing trust in​ the​ business that made it​ possible for​ them to​ connect with other like-minded individuals.

You could develop a​ business without a​ forum, and​ you might even find success in​ the​ endeavor, but often one of​ the​ enthusiastic members of​ the​ forum will volunteer to​ moderate the​ forum leaving the​ process virtually hands free for​ the​ website owner. This makes a​ forum a​ very inexpensive part of​ your marketing plan.

Life has always been about human connection, a​ forum brings a​ personal touch to​ the​ often impersonal World Wide Web.

Forums The Wonder Of Networking

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