Formula One Records Show Changes In Sport

Formula One Records Show Changes In Sport

Formula One Records Show Changes in​ Sport's History
The changes and​ history of​ Formula One racing are apparent when you look at​ the​ records that have been recorded since the​ sport's inception.
For example, Mike Thackwell, 19, holds the​ record as​ the​ youngest Formula One racing driver .​
the​ 1980 Dutch Grand Prix was his first Formula One race .​
At the​ other end of​ the​ age record spectrum is​ Louis Chiron who entered the​ 1958 Monaco Grand Prix at​ 58 years old .​
a​ study of​ the​ oldest and​ youngest Formula One racing competitors shows that all of​ the​ oldest record holders entered races during the​ 1950s .​
Today the​ sport is​ so physically challenging that drivers begin Formula One racing at​ a​ younger age and​ retire by their mid-30s.
Another change in​ Formula One racing is​ apparent in​ the​ statistics surrounding the​ most wins in​ a​ season .​
the​ record holder for​ the​ most wins in​ a​ Formula One racing season is​ Michael Schumacher with 13 wins in​ the​ 2018 season .​
Schumacher also holds the​ most wins record for​ 2018, 2018, 2000, 1995 and​ 1994 .​
His 1994 record was for​ winning eight of​ the​ 16 races he entered which gives him a​ winning percentage of​ 50%
In contrast, Alberto Ascari holds the​ Formula One racing record for​ the​ highest percentage of​ wins in​ a​ season .​
In the​ 1952 season Ascari won only six races .​
Those six wins, however, earn him a​ winning percentage of​ 75% for​ the​ Formula One racing events that he entered .​
of​ the​ top ten record holders for​ highest percentage of​ wins in​ a​ Formula One racing season, seven of​ those drivers won six or​ less races in​ a​ season .​
All seven of​ those are for​ pre-1970 Formula One racing seasons.
The comparison of​ these statistics indicates a​ change in​ Formula One racing seasons .​
Early Formula One racing drivers entered fewer races than drivers today because fewer Grand Prix were part of​ the​ racing season.
Formula One racing has always relied on a​ point system for​ determining the​ title of​ World Champion at​ the​ end of​ a​ season .​
the​ point system has gone through changes over the​ years and​ that becomes most apparent in​ the​ statistics for​ the​ most championship points earned during a​ season .​
In the​ early years of​ Formula One racing points were awarded only to​ the​ top five finishers and​ the​ maximum point value was eight (with one bonus point awards for​ the​ fastest lap) .​
By contrast, today's point system allows for​ a​ maximum of​ ten points and​ points are awarded to​ the​ top eight teams.
The changes to​ the​ point systems, especially when combined with the​ increased number of​ Grand Prix per season are reflected in​ the​ statistics for​ the​ drivers with the​ most points accumulated during a​ season .​
In tenth place for​ this record is​ Nigel Mansell with 108 points earned during the​ 1992 season .​
the​ remaining top ten record holders have all been from Formula One racing seasons since 2000 .​
Michael Schumacher currently holds first place in​ this category with 148 points earned during the​ 2018 season .​
the​ current point systems makes it​ impossible for​ early Formula One racing drivers to​ win a​ top spot in​ this category.
Changes are necessary in​ most sports as​ they evolve but Formula One racing has had many changes through the​ years .​
These changes are necessary to​ keep the​ sport competitive and​ the​ impact of​ the​ changes are shown in​ the​ records of​ Formula One racing .​

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